Friday, March 11, 2016

Persecution in different places!

Mar. 04, 2016 | Syria

Some of the 43 hostages released after a year-long captivity

Praise God for Release of Assyrian Christians, Held Hostage by ISIS

Islamic extremists released a group of 43 Assyrian Christians on Feb. 23, after holding the men, women and children hostage for a year. In February 2015, ISIS militants overran dozens of villages along the Khabur River, taking 253 Christians hostage and demanding ransom payments in exchange for their release. In September 2015, the militants released a video showing the execution of three Assyrian Christian men and demanding $10 million for release of the remaining hostages. Most of the hostages have been released over the last few months. However, ISIS militants abducted another large group of Assyrian Christians in August from Qaryatain and are still holding 179 hostage. Please pray for those who have been released and for those who are still being held.

 Mar. 04, 2016 | Mexico

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 Pray for 11 Families Expelled from Their Village Because of Christian Faith
Eleven families in Chiapas, Mexico, were expelled from their village earlier this month because of their Christian faith. Over the past year, the Christians have faced increasing harassment from those opposed to their evangelism. Zapatista rebels arrested three Christian leaders and accused them of creating division in the community. The men were released after paying 1,500 pesos each, but they were warned that they could be imprisoned if they continued to preach the gospel or meet for worship services. The Zapatistas then forced the 11 Christian families to leave the village and their homes behind.

Mar. 04, 2016 | Indonesia
A Muslim mob attacked this Indonesian church, causing extensive damage.


Pray for Pastor Jackson Muliku, whose church in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, was attacked by a Muslim mob on Thursday, Feb. 18, during a prayer meeting. While no injuries were reported, the attackers destroyed the inside of the church as well as another parish building. In the past, Muslim youth have thrown rocks at the church to intimidate church members. Though there is religious freedom in the country, it is extremely difficult for Christians to obtain building permits, and Muslims often accuse churches of lacking a permit in order to close them down.