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I have found out recently that Google is not going to host websites Google Play,or Google blogger,This           is probably the last time you will see  a blog on our websites
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What is depression?

Occasional feelings of sadness or depression are experienced by most people at some point in life. Feeling sad is a normal human response to difficult situations such as loss of a loved one, financial troubles, or problems at home. These feeling usually last for a few days. However, when these feelings turn into intense sadness, or a person feels helpless, worthless, and hopeless, and last for weeks or longer, it could be due to clinical depression. Depression is a common but serious mental illness that affects millions of Americans. The symptoms of depression interfere with daily life and cause significant pain to the patient and their loved ones. Although with proper treatment even severe symptoms of depression can get better, many people never seek treatment due to the societal stigma associated with mental illnesses.
Common symptoms of depression include the following:
  • Sadness, unhappiness
  • Loss of interest in enjoyable activities
  • Anger, frustration, irritability
  • Sleep changes (too much or too little)
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Thoughts of death or suicide; suicidal attempts
  • Weight loss or weight gain

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God' face, He at times hides Himself

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John Gils psalm 10

There is often great nearness between God and his people; and when he stands afar off from them in their apprehensions, it is when he withdraws his gracious presence from them, and defers help and assistance to them, and does not immediately and directly come and visit them: this they cannot bear, they complain; they wonder that, seeing they are the objects of his love, this should be his manner of conduct towards them; they expostulate with him, and inquire for what end and upon what account he should so use them, and most earnestly desire that he would haste and come unto them and help them; see ( Psalms 22:1 Psalms 22:11 Psalms 22:18)
Why] hidest thou [thyself] in times of trouble?

God seems to take no notice of His people!
When God seems to take no notice of his people, he does not look upon them, but turns a deaf ear to them, He is said to hide his face, his eyes and ears, from them: and this is sometimes the case of the best of saints, as it has been of Job, David, Heman, and others; and though this is done in a sovereign way by God, who comes and goes when he pleases; 

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

stors need to be equipped for helping those with mental illness.. I have a new book coming soon, The Pastoral Handbook of Mental Illness


A good number of years ago, I received a letter from a young woman who wrote about needing help with her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and her Major Depression. Recurrent. 
 She said “You talk about Hell; I had OCD in high school and did not know it. I had never heard of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and the form I had wasn’t the textbook type. It took the form of scrupulosity where I obsessed about how self-absorbed and sinful and evil I was. I was a Christian but not a strong one. My pastor even came out and met with my parents and me, but he did not recognize that I had an illness and he was totally out of his element.He absolved me through confession and talked a little but it did not help. That’s why I really think that church professionals need to be aware of mental illness and trained in how to help people who have it.  I could have found relief and avoid years of suffering if my pastor was familiar with mental illness. God bless him; he was a wonderful pastor, but he couldn’t meet my needs because he hadn’t been equipped for it. That’s why I think what you are doing is important. Well, thanks for the encouragement. "

Your book Broken Minds Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You're Losing It, has made me decide to try again at finding the right medicine for depression because I have been trying to “change my own brain chemistry.”And it is just too big of a boulder to push on my own.  Trying to change biological depression, is like trying to empty and sand box with tweezers. What do you think about Lexipro? It has cured my OCD but left me with depression, and no other antidepressant has helped me with OCD. So I need something for depression. Speaking of which, the sun is out and I better get outdoors.” Anon.

Here is a review from a pastor who has read the book
which will be coming out soon. It too is published by Kregel Publication, Grand Rapids, MI. I applaud Steve’s courage and professionalism in coming forward with this much needed book. The church is made up of everyday, real people and mental illness is a real problem that cannot be swept under the rug. As God gave us doctors to help us with heart attacks, back surgeries, and diabetes, he also gave us doctors to help us with mental illness. Of course God can heal somebody immediately of any disease or illness, but oftentimes he uses doctors, medicine, and other tools to help. In that regard, I believe Steve’s book is a godsend. It gives pastors the knowledge, information, and tools they need to successfully and confidently address this critical issue with those they oversee. God bless you Steve for having the courage to come out of the darkness and shine a light on your own experience so that others may be helped, healed, blessed, and God glorified throughout. Steve Bloem delivers the  information in a way that will help pastors and impact
the kingdom of God today and in the ages to come. God has used Steve’s personal journey mightily to help him understand the tragedy,effects, trauma, solutions, and                                                                              answers for dealing with mental illness. This book is a
                                                                      must read for every pastor and I believe should be taught                                                                         as a course in every seminary.”

                                                                        Jack Alan Levine,Executive Pastor,
                                                                        Purpose ChurchOrlando, Florida
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If you love those who liove you, what thanks do you have.?

From The Voice of the Martyrs
Print these prayer requests and keep them with you throughout the week.

Sbloem Reflections

June 6,20199
Iam he Co founder of a 501(c) (3) nonprofit agency in the United States, which ministers to those, who have mental illness and extreme trials.

Counseling - I am an expert on counseling those who have mental illness, spiritual depression, and many other problems with those of mind and mood.
What about moderate depression?

Depression is still  stigmatized. It was more so in 1985, when Steve first became frighteningly ill. The stigma was worse because we lived in the world of conservative Christians. We had nowhere to turn in our confusion, for the help from Christian brothers and sisters came in the way of opinions as to what Steve’s “real problem” might be. Suggestions ranged from bad water to demon possession.

Was  it the End  for Us?
I was just deathly afraid that my husband would never recover, that he might shuffle around an institution wearing pajamas for the rest of his life. I had just turned thirty; he was twenty-nine, and life as we knew seemed to have ended.

Depression Misunderstood

As a child, Steve had no symptoms of depression. He was not the type who fought to get out of bed in the morning. He was not moody or negative. He whistled and sang, trusted the Lord, loved his family openly, and walked with God admirably.
This man now told me that he couldn’t accept a call to become pastor of the church in Florida. I was beyond angry. I was dumbfounded. How could he not accept what seemed so clearly to be God’s providential direction for our lives and ministry?

The Pastoral Handbook of Mental Illness: A Guide for Training and Reference  -     By: Steve Bloem

I have suffered from endogenous (biological) depression for many years. Its intensity has ranged from moderate to severe. If you really want to know what depression is like, you should speak to those who have suffered from it.  Here are some of the notes that I jotted down while being moderately depressed.



Monday, March 11, 2019

My Experience with Moderate Depression

I am the Co founder of a 501(c) (3) nonprofit agency in the United States, which ministers in many different countries, including thosewho are being persecuted for their faith.

I have suffered from endogenous (biological) depression for many years. Its intensity has ranged from moderate to severe. If you really want to know what depression is like, you should speak to those who have suffered from it.  Here are some of the notes that I jotted down while being moderately depressed.

1. It is a kiss good bye to pleasure.
2. It is a shot of Novocain to my brain.
3. It is a broken mind, that does not work right.
4. It is like being in a dark, foggy mist that covers my brain.
5. It is to  have heaviness in my heart.
6. My mind is dead.

7. I lack spontaneity of thought and speech.
8. I feel like I am in a depressive purgatory.
9. It is a great opportunity for growth and character.
10. It is a call for perseverance in the faith.
11. It is a riddle to be solved.
12. It is a link to suffering humanity.
13.It causes a preoccupied and  quiet spouse.
14. It is a constant forcing of one's self to act and to help others.
15. It prepares me for comforting the people of God.

Some people believe that having moderate depression means that your
depression is not biological in its origins.  While some of the above
characteristics may be true of spiritual and reactive depression, it differs from
it in that,it is a constant disturbance of the body, the intellect, the
will, and emotion.

What do we offer?

Seminars like Whispers in the Foyer, A Look at the Christian and Mental Illness.

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I am a specialist in helping people who are mentally ill.

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