Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pakistani Christian sentenced to life for blasphemy

The prosecution failed to produce any evidence against Sajjad Masih. The alleged SIM and mobile were not recovered by the police, and no record of purchasing and selling in the Zong franchise was taken into the possession by the police. There was also no eye witness in this case produced in the trail court.

Javed Chaudhry Sahotra, Advocate High Court, was defense counsel on behalf of accused Sajjad Masih, who appeared before the trail court and argued the case with strong points.

The Defense council Javed Sahotra pointed out that that was the case of defected investigation according to under section 156 CrPC, Asif Nadeem , sub inspector and Aftab Saddique , inspector had no authority to investigate the case 295c. So investigation conducted by these police officers was fake and nullity in the eyes of law. But the said judge announced the life imprisonment sentence to Sajjad Masih.

ACCA TEAM and Seventh Day Adventist Church members at Pakpattan are with great hope from God that he will save His Child from the valley of death. We have been continuously praying for Sajjad Masih, his defense counsel, Javed Chaudhry Sahotra and his family. Now the door of acquittal for Sajjad Masih is going to be opened in High Court. Pastor Yaqoob Amanat, Evangelist Nadeem Hamid and other made their efforts a lot in this case.

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Pakistan: Christian sentenced to life in prison on accusation of blasphemy

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