Monday, May 23, 2016

Christians are being slaughtered to the brink of extinction.

May 23,2016

ISIS (the Islamic State) is crucifying, burning alive, and beheading Christians. There are disturbing reports of mass graves and chemical weapons. Every day more Christians die.
It’s our sacred duty to protect Christians from genocide.
Now that we’ve successfully pressured the Obama Administration to recognize the “genocide against Christians,” America has a legal obligation to act
At the ACLJ, we’ve launched our largest legal advocacy campaign for persecuted Christians. We’re about to submit critical filings at the U.N. We’ve already engaged the U.N. Secretary-General and are seeing results. Now, we’re demanding world leaders implement the Genocide Convention: 1) stop the genocide and 2) protect Christians. .(Jay Sekulow, ACLJ) Chief Counsel.

A Christian worker sits between Pastor "Kam" and his wife.
.May. 20, 2016 | Myanmar
Pray for Pastor "Kam" and His Wife, Attacked in Their Home

A pastor and his wife were seriously injured in January when four men entered their home at about midnight and attacked them with a knife. Church members helped Pastor “Kam” and his wife to the hospital, where the pastor was treated for three stab wounds to his stomach and his wife was treated for a head wound. Pray for their complete recovery. The pastor and his wife lead a congregation of 25
 believers in this predominantly Buddhist nation.

 A group from Bosnia holds Christian literature recently distributed there by Christian workers.

May. 20, 2016 | Bosnia and Herzegovina
Pray for "Petrus," Who Received Christian Movies from Front-Line Workers

Two front-line workers gave Christian movies to a gas-station attendant while on a trip to distribute Christian literature in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The workers had stopped at the gas station in the early morning hours, and “Petrus,” a store worker, came out to inform them that they had overpaid by about 30 cents. Impressed by Petrus’s integrity, the Christians began a conversation with him about God. Petrus was open to hearing about the gospel and invited the two men to return for a future visit. He also accepted two Christian movies, including Jesus: He Lived Among Us. Pray for Petrus, and pray that the Christian workers will be able to meet with him again. Pray also for the workers as they distribute Christian literature in an area hostile to the gospel.

 Pray for Pastor Nikolai Levin, Charged for Disobeying a Court Order
Believers in Kazakhstan who gather to pray or read the Bible must register or face severe fines and imprisonment.

A Christian leader in Kazakhstan was charged in April with “failure to fulfill a court decision” after he refused to pay fines for leading illegal worship services in his home. In February 2014, Pastor Nikolai Levin was fined two to three months’ average wages for leading the illegal worship services, and in April he was fined an additional week’s wages for refusing to pay the original fine. In addition, he is prohibited from traveling outside the country. Pastor Levin is part of the Council of Churches Baptist, a group of unregistered churches that do not believe state permission should be required to meet for worship.