Friday, May 20, 2016

A Biblical principle for contentment

I believe that contentment depends very much upon taking right views of things. There is what is called the short view. To live by the day is the way to be cheerful. If you try to live by the month you will bring home a month's troubles to eat up a day's meat. God has not constructed His people to live by the month: their souls, like their bodies, are fashioned to live by the day. His supplies, His promises, the very prayers He puts into our mouths, all deals with days: Give us this day our daily bread." As your days so shall your strength be." Live by the day, then, and you will be content.Spurgeon's Expository Encyclopedia, (1984) Volume 5, from the sermon A Vile Weed and a Fair Flower, pp 345,346.

One of my favorite hymns (I hope you know some favorite hymns) is,
 "I need Thee very hour."  Here it is sung by Selah

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