Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vietnamese and Chinese Christians need prayer

This Hmong family lives in Vietnam, where Hmong believers frequently face persecution from family members and village authorities.
Jun. 12, 2014 | Vietnam

Pray for Qhua Ha, a Hmong believer

On April 14, a family of Hmong believers in Vietnam were beaten and forced from their home. For months, local authorities and villagers had pressured Qhua Ha, 37, his wife and their four children to renounce their faith, but they refused. After beating the couple and their 9-year-old son, authorities forced the family to leave, seizing their home and property, including 10 bags of rice and 125 chickens. Qhua Ha and his wife became Christians in February 2013 and were the only Christians in the village. VOM contacts ask for prayer for Qhua, his wife and their four children, ages 9, 6, 4 and 1.

Jun. 12, 2014 | China

Pray for Prisoner Alimujiang Yimiti and family
The wife of Uyghur Christian Alimujiang Yimiti reports that her husband, who is being held in a prison in China, has lost a lot of weight since her last visit to the prison and that he looks pale. However, she said he is still doing well spiritually. She asks that we continue to pray for Alimujiang's strength to overcome the difficulties he faces in prison, such as unkind guards. Gulimar and her two children are allowed to visit Alimujiang for only 15 minutes every three months. The couple's oldest son, who is 15, is sad and discouraged about his father's continued imprisonment, and their 8-year-old son misses his dad and remains anxious for his return. Alimujiang was arrested in 2008 and sentenced to 15 years for "illegally providing state secrets to foreign nationals."

Announcement - Steve and Robyn Bloem will be 
conducting a seminar at Solid Rock Bible Church
in Plymouth, Michigan.  The date will be  October 18, 2014. The Pastor of the church is Brad Cannon.
This seminar will be a clinical and biblical look at the Christian and Mental illness.
Gulimar and her two sons, now ages 15 and 8, need prayer and are awaiting the return of husband and father Alimujiang Ymiti, who is serving 15 years in a Chinese prison for his faith.

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