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He said to his tortured mother, "Mother what should I do."

In the 1950s-"Tell us?" the officer shouted, as he brought the whip down again across the pastor's back.  "We must know who else is working with you."  Day after day, the Chinese Communists tortured Rev. Fang-Cheng, but no matter what they did to him, he steadfastly refused to give them the names of his fellow Christians.
One day Cheng was brought again before the examining officer.  In a corner of the room, he saw a heap of rags and heard a rattling of  chains. 

As the image became clearer, he realized it was his mother. 
Before she did not have white hair; now she had. The color of her face was like ashes.
He could see that she too had passed through heavy suffering.
The Communist spoke to Cheng: "I have heard that you Christians have Ten Commandments, supposedly given by God, which you strive to obey. I would be interested in knowing them. Would you be so kind as to recite the Ten Commandments?"

Cheng was in a terrible state of heart, but any opportunity to acquaint a Communist with God's law must not be neglected. He began to list the commandments. When he arrived at "Honor your father and mother," he was interrupted. The Communist told him. "Cheng, I wish to give you the opportunity to honor your mother.  Her she is, suffering in chains.  Tell us what you know about your brethren in the faith and I promise that tonight you and your mother will be free.  Let me see now whether you really believe in God and wish to fulfill His commandments."

It was not easy to make a decision.  Cheng turned to his mother: "Mother, what shall I do?"
The mother answered, "I have taught you from childhood to love Christ and His holy church.  Don't mind my suffering.  Seek to remain faithful to the Savior and His little brothers.  If you betray, you are no more my son." This was the last time Fang-Cheng saw his mother.  It was likely that she died under torture.

"No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; He'll never let you be pushed past your limit; He'll always be there to help you to come through it."
Paul the Apostle Beheaded in Rome 65 AD ( I Corinthians 10:13),a paraphrase from the Message.

From: Jesus Freaks Story of Those Who Stood for Jesus and the Voice of the Martyrs: Honor Your Mother; Minneapolis: Bethany House, (1999)  pp.221-222.

Suffering for Christ in the 21st century

Pray for Christian Mother Sentenced to Death for Apostasy

The wedding photo of Meriam Ibrahim and Daniel Wani. (Photo credit: Gabriel Wani)

A 27-year-old Sudanese woman, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, was sentenced to death in early May for apostasy. Eight months pregnant at the time of her sentencing, she gave birth to a baby girl on May 26. Ibrahim explained to the court that she had grown up as a Christian under her Christian mother's care, but the court convicted her of apostasy because her father is Muslim. In addition, she is to receive 100 lashes for a charge of adultery, relating to her 2011 marriage to a South Sudanese Christian man. Since Ibrahim's father is Muslim, the marriage is not recognized under Sharia law. Her own family filed the complaint about her marriage, resulting in the charges. The court gave her three days to recant her Christian faith, but she refused to do so. Ibrahim's 20-month old son, Martin, and newborn daughter the couple named Maya, will be held in prison with her until her execution.
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