Monday, March 11, 2013

Pakistan, Christians under fire

I have a pastor friend who is a Pakistani National.  He is very evangelistic and also disciples his many converts to Jesus Christ.  Church history tells us that Pakistan was actually evangelised by one of our Lord's apostles, Thomas.  I have had Pakistani Christians tell me that they can trace the history of conversions all the way back to Thomas.  I cannot confirm this.
My friend lives in a section of Pakistan called Lahore.  Lahore has been a Christian haven for many believers who live in a hostile Pakistan, My pastor/evangelist friend recently emailed me and told me about the recent persecution of  evangelical believers in Lahore.  Please pray for this young man and his family. Please pray for the many Christians who have been affected by this recent persecution.  I have left out names because of the risk of harm is too great.  Here is the message.

Updates on Christian under Attack

This is Sunday Morning 10th,March,2013 and I walked to the main road from our Church building. I wanted to cross the road but the scene was totally changed in our main road which is just a 2 minutes far off from * Church Headquarter.

I saw a number of children, young people are coming out of christian colony named as * opposite to our headquarter. All young and children were furious and came out of read and start protesting. it was 10:00 AM at that time, some were laying on the road and crying for the attack and some were raising slogans against the local government. Most of people were demanding Ex-President Pervaiz Musharraf to come back to Pakistan as they think he was the only sole president of Pakistan who took great care of Christians in Pakistan. This is the president that helped President Bush (USA) to win war on Afghanistan.

After some time, a police man named **came up up to me and salute me and he said that he knows me as Pastor in ** he said that thousands of policemen are on the way to shell the protester you better leave the place right now. so I left and went to church back. Soon I heard that now thousands of Christians have come out of their houses to protest and then Christians form all over Pakistan start protesting for buring 200 homes, 2 churches and 100 of BIBLES.

I was with my wife and children when we start hearing a load firing , and tear shelling, but the in spite of all this severe firing and shelling they failed to remove the protester against this attack.

Also, I had chance to meet one of the relative of ** ( who is now under arrest for blasphemy) . He informed me that the Muslim who imposed this allegation on **was the old friend of ** and the Muslims man spoke against Jesus and ** could not bear and start beating him. and in order to take revenge , he told his other Muslims friends that he has spoken against Islam.

I also heard the news that the victim of this attack have refused any aid from the Government as it is now open to media that Police and local government were aware of this attack a day before very well but they did not act anything to stop this destruction.

What all I will say that keep praying for this victim and for our team here in Lahore and God help us to carry the great Commission of Jesus come what may! and we surely love to do it even in the worse hours here. Your prayers are important.

Name withheld

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