Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pastor Beheaded in Tanzania over Islamic Food Laws


VOM-USA Prayer Update for March 1, 2013


VOM Sources
Muslim extremists killed a pastor on Feb. 11 during an attack
on a group of Christians who had violated Islamic law by opening
their own slaughterhouse. Pastor Mathayo Kachili of the Tanzania
Assemblies of God church was beheaded, and two Muslims also
died from injuries sustained in the fighting, according to a VOM
contact. Christians in the mainland village of Buseresere were
attacked after they slaughtered several animals to sell in a local
market. In Tanzania, animals killed for human consumption must
 be processed at an approved slaughterhouse according to Islamic law.
Christians have long complained of being shut out of the industry.
 A freelance journalist told a VOM contact that fighting between
the Muslims and Christians lasted all day. At least two pastors
were arrested, and police were searching for several other pastors.

Syria--Christians Face Increasing Violence
Source: VOM Sources

VOM contacts in Syria report an increase in violence with a
corresponding decrease in basic services, all under the ominous
 "promise" from opposition fighters of a new Islamic regime.
 "They are dreaming and planning to make Syria like Afghanistan
," wrote a VOM contact. "Threatening Christians of killing
them or of the Islamic law is now daily in the opposition news.
[They are] advising Christians to prepare themselves for the
new Islamic regime." The VOM contact said three families
from his church have had to relocate because of the violence
and that while attempting to check on them, he was nearly hit
 by a sniper's bullet. He canceled his own plans to leave the
city because of rampant kidnapping, especially of Christians,
along the way. Two priests were kidnapped on Feb. 11.
 Our contact, who has been without electricity for four days,
closed his letter by saying, "Thank you for your prayers; they are     
 key to our resistance."

Saudi Arabia--Ethiopian Christians Arrested in Private
 Worship Service
Source: World Evangelical Alliance

On Feb. 8, Saudi authorities in Dammam, capital of the Eastern
 a worship service in the private home of a fellow believer.
Three church leaders were among those arrested. During a
hearing in an Islamic court, authorities alleged that the church
 leaders were converting Muslims to Christianity. Two of the
 Ethiopian Christians, who have residence permits, are likely
 to be released, while the others will probably be deported.

Iran--VOM Project

Pray for those involved in distributing Farsi Bibles in Iran via
smuggling and clandestine printing operations.

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