Thursday, March 28, 2013

You are invited to be a guest blogger

I have enjoyed writing my blogs now for about two years.  I have often been encouraged by the Lord from my study of the Bible and my gathering of information. I am thankful to God that our web site has averaged about 1,400 visits (hits) each month.
I have basically dealt with mental illness and the Christian, spiritual depression, bereavement and the persecuted church. Suffering and glory themes run throughout the blogs.
Now it is your turn. We have had over 17,000 visits to my blog.  I now invite my readers to send me a blog that you wish me to publish on my site.  You can use some quotes from others and use
Scripture where you think it is best.
Please stick to the themes mentioned above as much as possible.  Many of you suffer from mental illness. You may wish to describe your illness, the suffering and the ways you have found relief. Try to make it personal. If you are part of the persecuted church make sure that you are willing to share the blog with others. You may rename certain persons or places to make your point clear but anonymous.  I have never done this so I do not know how many responses I will receive.  You don't have to use your name but you may do so.
Another guideline I would ask you to follow would be to keep your blog to 500-750 words. Make sure your posts are “scannable”—that is, you make use of subheads, lists, and other devices that keep people moving through your content.
I reserve the right to edit material that won't change the content and meaning of the blog. I will not be able to use all that are sent.
If you have any questions, let me know.  Please send them to

Thank you.
Rev. Steve Bloem

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