Monday, February 11, 2013

Forced abortions in Shaanxi and Hunan; bloody reality shocks the world

      2_20120611040659_ZDQzOWI2MDAzYWYzM2E4NzU0NTU5NWIzYzY1YzEwMzg1MzQzYjU1YislMjgxJTI5XyVCOCVCMSVCMSVCRQ==On June 2, 2012, in Zeng Family town, Zhenping county, in the city of Ankang, Shaanxi province, Feng Jianmei, more than seven months pregnant, was abducted by local government officials and taken to a hospital where she was forcibly aborted of her unborn baby. Her baby girl was brutally killed. (see photo at right) The victim, Feng Jianmei, and her husband, Deng Jiyuan, are both Christians. Mr. Zhang Kai, a young well-known Christian lawyer from Beijing who had handled the infamous “My father is Li Gang” hit-and-run case outside the Hebei University campus and the Qian Yunhui case in Zhejiang province which shocked all of China, boldly and publicly took on this case. Mr. Yang Zhizhu, a former law professor at China Youth College of Political Sciences who has long been concerned about and has condemned the one-child policy, also started to take part in this rights defense case. In the meantime, Zhang Kai also took on the case of Wu Liangjie of Xianyou county, Fujian province, whose wife was aborted of her seven-month unborn son by the government on April 6. Overseas, ChinaAid actively appealed on behalf of this couple and made diplomatic efforts. Eventually, the government gave the two families large sums of money as financial compensation, the first such success in rights defense cases involving “family planning.” On June 6, local family planning officials and government officials in Changsha, Hunan province, dragged Cao Ruyi, who was five months pregnant, to a hospital, beat her, and were about to force her to have an abortion. However, due to the immediate advocacy of ChinaAid, especially a timely letter from Congressman Chris Smith to the Changsha government in Hunan province, as well as the efforts of the international community, Ms. Cao gave birth to her child safely a few months later. On July 5, the European Parliament voted on and passed a “Resolution on the forced abortion scandal in China (2012/2712(RSP)” in response to the tragedy of Feng Jianmei’s forced abortion, strongly condemning the human rights abuses committed in the enforcement of China’s one-child policy. (On June 19, Hu Xia of Zhengjiamen village, Shangche town, Jianli county, Hubei province, was forcibly aborted of her eight-month-old unborn baby by local officials.)

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