Monday, October 9, 2017

Do you ever think nobody cares for you?

Christ our Advocate, Intercessor and High Priest.
I  John 2:2 – 

 The Holy Spirit intercedes within us and Christ is interceding for us.  The Holy Spirit is within us, building us up in Christ, teaching us and guiding us and showing us what to do and what not to do.  And there the Lord Himself is making intercession for us and on our behalf, representing us always to the Father.  It is a glorious and sublime conception. Is there anything that can be more comforting and more consoling than to know at this very moment, and always, the Lord of Glory is concerned about you, is watching over you and is concerned about your interests and is there representing you?  We are frail and we are weak and we fall and fail, but we have an advocate with the Father.  Therefore, when you begin, at the suggestion of Satan, that you cannot turn back to God and face Him, remember, beloved friend, you are not alone.  I agree with you; I know the sensation but too well, the feeling that I have no right to approach God, but remember that you have an Advocate and He is there to represent you.
(David Martyn Lloyd Jones, Life in Christ, Studies in I John, Volume 2 (1993) by Elisabeth           Catherwood and Anne Desmond, Cambridge: Crossway Books, p.38, 39).

We have an advocate, says John with the Father. Now that word “with” is a most important little word; “with” means face to face with.  It does not mean that He now and again enters in and is allowed to represent us, but rather that He is always there. And it means that He is always, as it were, looking into the face of the Father.  We have a suggestion here of the great doctrine of the Trinity, the three persons yet one substance.  He is face to face with God, not having, as it were, to make an application to God to plead for us to the Father; He is always looking into the eyes of the Father.  What a wonderful idea, that the One who represents us is always there in there in that absolute intimacy with God. (Ibid 39).

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