Friday, February 10, 2017

A Quick test to Learn about bipolar disorder

People on Roller Coaster Ride
Hi, When you have bipolar disorder, your mood
can be like a roller coaster.  Here is an easy test to
take from Web M.D. It is very informative about
 and I guarantee  you will benefit by it.
 Thanks, Steve Bloem

"This is the best Christian perspective on depression I have read. A young American Baptist is about to start his first pastorate when he is incapacitated by a severe clinical depression. The story is told by the man himself and also his wife. She in turn suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder and Post-traumatic Stress. The author shows how C. H. Spurgeon suffered from all three and yet he was a great servant of God. The question is asked, does a mental affliction disbar a man from pastoral ministry? The not unusual experience related here is of some lack of understanding and sympathy from Christians who deny the reality of mental illness or attribute it all to the demonic.(Graham Weeks).