Sunday, February 19, 2017

 Just Hand it over to the Lord

 D Martyn Lloyd Jones in his book, The Christian Soldier says, in chapter 3, who does the fighting?   People are constantly being told; “Hand it over the Lord. It is not your battle, it is His; hand it over to Him.” Another saying is: “Let Him do it  for you; that is what He is offering to do.”   They say that there is no need for a struggle; that our mistake is that we have gone on struggling;  and striving; but that is quite unnecessary. There is no need to struggle there is no need to feel any difficulty.”

"Surrender it all" Theology is Erroneous 

“There are many Christians who are trying to surrender, trying to be willing to surrender, trying to willing to be made willing, as the phrase goes…. There are certain considerations, I suggest, which show this teaching is contrary to the plain teaching of Scripture itself, and that is the first test we must apply. I mean, for instance, that if this teaching is correct, then the second thing the Apostle tells the Christians to do here is unnecessary, namely, “Put on the armor of God.” “He repeats the exhortation in Ephesians 6:13: “Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, and he then proceeds to take these pieces and portions of armor, one by one in order that we may know how to use them. My argument is that if the Lord does it all for us and we have nothing to do but abide in Him, then it is needless to tell me to put on the armor.

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