Sunday, January 1, 2017

Are you contemplating what is going on with your brothers and sisters in Christ who are being persecuted across the world?


Thanks to the Voice or Martyrs for making these facts available.

 This Christmas Season. I am as free as can be.  Yet many Christians from other nations are experiencing severe persecution.  ISIS has repeatedly raped young girls and women who are Christians. They have crucified  children of have Christian parents. Please pray for them and ist, please,  "continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering (Hebrews 13:3, NIV version)."


Medhat Ishak was imprisoned for handing out Bibles at a mall in Egypt.
 Medhat Ishak was imprisoned for

 For other informative material about the  persecution in Egypt please see:


Medhat Ishak, a 35-year-old Christian man from Minya, Egypt, is facing up to three years in prison for distributing Bibles at a suburban mall near Cairo. After receiving a complaint that he had given a Bible to a Muslim man, security officers interrogated Medhat for several hours. He was charged with “despising religion” and ordered to serve 15 days of detention, but a judge later added two more weeks to the detention period. “We are concerned that they will give him 45 more days, then transfer it into a case,” a VOM worker said. “Prayers are needed badly for our brother.”


 A Christian worker in Pakistan who received a Village Outreach Kit shares the gospel with a group of children.

 The Voice of the Martyrs is providing Village Outreach Kits to 40 ministry partners in Pakistan who are involved in the evangelism and discipleship of children. These ministry partners are serving in areas of Pakistan where Christians face opposition and potential persecution every day. Pray for our partners and their workers as they share the gospel and the love of Christ in Muslim communities. Pray that the Lord will open unique doors to the gospel for those front-line workers who receive the Village Outreach Kits. In addition, pray that those who come to know Christ will grow in their new faith despite persecution.


A mother and child in Sudan who received aid. Sudan’s offensive in the Nuba Mountains in the spring of 2016 has been some of the most severe since the fighting began nearly five years ago, affecting thousands of Christian families who live in this region. Aerial bombings and ground attacks drove thousands of people out of their homes and forced them to take shelter in caves. With little access to food, water or medicine, VOM has been providing emergency medical and food aid to those living in the war-torn region. Please remember to pray for the Christians and those living in this dangerous region. Pray the medicine helps the Christians in the region experience God’s love in new and profound ways.
Sudan Mother