Monday, December 26, 2016

Moderate Depression, How it Feels!

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I have suffered from endogenous (biological) depression for many years. Its intensity has ranged from moderate to severe. If you really want to know what depression is like you should speak to those who have suffered from it.  Here are some of the notes that I jotted down while being moderately depressed.

1. It is a kiss good bye to pleasure.
2. It is a shot of Novocain to my brain.
3. It is a broken mind, that does not work right.
4. It is like being in a dark, foggy mist that covers my brain.
5. It is to  have heaviness in my heart.
6. My mind is dead.
7. I lack spontaneity of thought and speech.
8. I feel like I am in a depressive purgatory.
9. It is a great opportunity for growth and character.
10. It is a call for perseverance in the faith.
11. It is a riddle to be solved.
12. It is a link to suffering humanity.
13.It causes a preoccupied and  quiet spouse.
14. It is a constant forcing of one's self to act and to help others.
15. It prepares me for comforting the people of God.

Some people believe that having moderate depression means that your
depression is not biological in its origins.  While some of the above
characteristics may be true of spiritual and reactive depression, it differs from
it in that it is a constant disturbance of the body, the intellect, the
will and the emotions.
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Having and coping with  moderate depression is like trying
to pitch a tent while in a hurricane. This is why it is important
 to see a mental health professional to help diagnose your problem
and help you with appropriate referrals . You may need  to have
 your medicine go to a higher dose or get on another anti-depressant.

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