Saturday, October 8, 2016

Persecution is world wide, what is our responsibility ?

I've not faced any serious persecution.  I have been made fun of at times for being a Christian and there have been times when I was treated poorly because of my faith.  I was fired at one of my jobs because of my Christian faith. It was a matter of the rich, taking the poor man's money. I vehemently protested and I followed the money trail.  it cost me the job. It  was at the same time my Robyn was diagnosed as having breast cancer.

But I haven't faced jail time or physical torture for following Christ.  I'm guessing quite a few of our readers have had similar experiences as I have had.  However,  some of our readers have experienced serious persecution from their family, friends, neighbors, or authority figures. This blog has over eighty thousand hits,  and half of them are from other  countries, than the United States of America. Heartfelt Counseling Ministries is very concerned about the cruel persecution and genocide that is happening in the world today. We are commanded to remember  them and pray for them!

Pray for Josephine, Receiving Treatment for Injuries Suffered in Attacks

Josephine is finally receiving medical treatment for injuries she suffered for being a Christian.A young Christian woman is receiving medical care for injuries suffered throughout her life because of her Christian faith. When Josephine was 5 years old, a group of Muslims confronted her family about their Christmas decorations and tried to burn their house down. Josephine sustained severe burns on her chest and stomach, but her family was too poor to get the treatment she needed. Later, as an adult, she was harassed and mistreated by her boss for being the only Christian at a beauty parlor where she worked. In one incident, her boss pushed her into a broom she was using, causing her to lose her right eye.

 VOM is assisting Josephine with medical care, and she has already had two surgeries. Please pray for her healing and that she will continue to be bold in her faith.

Oct. 07, 2016 | Pakistan
 Pray for Five Families Expelled from Their Village Because of Their Faith

Some of the Christian families in India who were kicked out of their Hindu village for refusing to pay for a festival. Five Christian families in India were expelled from their village on Aug. 10 when they refused to help pay for a Hindu festival. The 10 adults and three children all belong to a church in a neighboring village. Recently, Hindu extremists and village leaders interrupted a worship meeting and began beating all of the Christians, including a pregnant woman, and two of the men suffered internal injuries. Each family was forced to pay an $85 fine before being evicted from their property and kicked out of the village.

 Brother “Xi” has been falsely accused of human trafficking
Brother Xi faces criminal charges after locals in Myanmar falsely accused him of a crime for being a Christian.

Because of his Christian activities in Myanmar. “I have peace in the Lord, though I was falsely accused because of my faith and Christian activities,” he said. “The opposition has tried to cause me problems in many ways. But the more I face persecution in my life the more my church members and I grow in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Our prayers always work.” Please pray for Brother Xi, whose court case is expected to take several months. VOM is helping with legal fees.
We are having a seminar called Whispers in the Foyer, An Honest Look at the Christian and Mental Illness. It is Saturday, October 15, 2016. It will be in Boca Raton, at Boca Glades Baptist Church.

For more information,  please go to the link to our website.
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