Thursday, April 21, 2016

Does the silence of God imply the impotence of God?

Apparently, God does not notice horrible persecution of His people.

Wave after wave of persecution and martyrdom have swept over God's people, apparently unnoticed by God.  Men have been at the stake, torn to pieces, beheaded at the block, torn by wild beasts, and killed by beastly men. God's people have been killed all the day long boiled in oil, fried on gridirons, sharp sticks and knives run under their finger nails, eyes gouged out with sharp sticks. They have been tortured  with red-hot pincers on the way to the headsman's block, and all of it apparently unnoticed by God. And we ask, "Why doesn't God speak?

Is the silence of God an indication of a lack of power?

Some have gone so far as to assume that the silence of God is an indication of His impotence. In their minds, God has been reduced to a being of divine sentimentality sitting out there on a cloud somewhere, looking down upon a world that has gone berserk with sin, wringing His hands in distress and despair, saying, "It is out of  my hands and my control. The Devil has won and I can't do anything about it."  So they have assumed that the silence of God is an indication of impotence.

God doesn't  get in a dither and run up and down Hallelujah Avenue.
Let me tell you something, dear friend. The silence of God is not the silence of impotence.  As Dr. H.O. Van Gilder, Sr. has pointed out, "the silence of God these two thousand years is the silence of omnipotence. God doesn't  have to get excited and in a dither and run up and down Hallelujah Avenue, wringing His hands and calling special cabinet meetings of the heavenly hosts because somebody has gone berserk down here on earth.  He does not have to do that. Nobody has to do that except  the person who knows that the situation is out of hand and there isn't anything that can be done about it." Wiersbe, Warren, Classic Sermons on Spiritual Warfare:Sermon - The Course and End of Satan's World System,Robert Ketcham- Kregel Publications:Grand Rapids (1992) pp 31,32

India Petition Image

India, April 20, 2014

 Hindu radicals have been on the rise in India and have only been emboldened by the election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who himself has had a checkered past of tolerating violence toward religious minorities. Over 50 villages in the Bastar District of Chhattisgarh State, led by both local leaders and local ruling party officials, are persecuting religious minorities and defying India’s constitution, which guarantees religious freedom.
Since the passage of the village proclamation, Christians in Chhattisgarh have suffered brutal assaults and prosecution for crimes based on little to no evidence. In addition, Christians in this region have been victimized by social boycotts; the practice of denying food, clean water, and employment, but attacks and denial of basic necessities are but the physical acts of persecution against the Christian community. Forced conversion is on the rise as these same Hindu radicals are coercing Christians to return to Hinduism through unbinding documents, illegal fines, and a promise to end the social boycott.
Today, we are joining our voice with our Indian brothers and sisters in Christ to call on the Prime Minister of India to specifically address the banning of Christianity. We believe in a society which touts religious tolerance and freedom. No one should be banned from practicing their faith freely. Sign our petition and let Christians in India know they are not alone in this fight!

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