Friday, April 1, 2016

A Pure Jewel; the Proverbs 31 woman of 2016 .

This blog is by Robyn Bloem; my wife, co-author of Broken Minds, women's  ministry speaker and Bible Study Leader in our home church. I am her husband and I testify that all these characteristics that she mentions are part of her life.  When I was in college, I felt that most of the women that I interacted with would  "compete" with me and not potentially "complete" me.  Robyn and I have been married thirty seven years.
Recommended Book:  When I was in college I read a great book and I read it again recently. It is called Life in the Spirit, An Exposition of Ephesians 5 by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. He offers a clear explanation of the doctrine of marriage.

A Pure Jewel; the Proverbs 31 woman of 2016 

Who can find a woman worth having? Her price cannot be compared with a diamond from at Jared's!

Her husband knows he can trust her to not go crazy with the credit cards. 
She does good things for him and tells him when his clothes don’t match, when he needs a haircut and when he smells like garlic. She looks for the best deals on clothes and refurbishes old furniture into new. 
She is a wise grocery shopper, too. She knows when to go to Trader Joe’s and what tastes great from Aldi. 
She buys and sells on ebay and makes handmade items for etsy. 
She works out. She is strong and in shape. She stays up late to prepare for the next day. Then she gets up early to make the kids’ lunches and make sure her husband’s shirt is ironed for his important meeting at work. She goes to the poor people in her community and knows how to spot a person who needs help. 

Image result for women and children dressed for the snow                                                                             Image result for woman putting sun screen on children

Her family is dressed for the cold and covered in sunscreen during the hot summer months! 
Her husband is known in the community and is well respected. He has good, sound opinions and when others extol him, she does not feel slighted or jealous. She wants him to succeed. 

She is dignified and doesn’t get bogged down in petty issues or gossip. This virtuous woman has confidence that God has the future as well as the present all under control. She speaks with wisdom and lives a life known by kindness. She cares about others and it is obvious. She doesn’t sit around during the day nibbling on snacks and being idle. She is busy building into and up to her family. 

Her children grow up and admire her; her husband is proud of her.  Many women may be on magazine covers and may look like they have it all together. Marie Osmond in her commercial  may tell us all how to lose fifty pounds and we may feel pressure to lose it.
Robyn Bloem and her grand-daughter
The woman who fears the Lord is best of all! And this woman, this wife, this mom-is beyond comparison. When she is spoken of, people admire all she is. And when she is not with us anymore, her influence will still be felt. 

Get to know this woman, learn from her; be one of her friends and you too will learn her secrets. If the Lord has put her in your path, you are blessed. She may receive material reward but what she has been to her family is her greatest honor and her most important tribute. 

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