Monday, December 15, 2014

Kenyan passengers who could not recite an Islamic prayer were shot to death.
Heartfelt Counseling Ministries is committed to bringing attention to and garnering prayer for those brave Christians who are constantly under attack.  We who are in countries that do not have overt persecution cannot even begin to know the afflictions that our brothers and sisters across the world  are experiencing. I have been saved for forty two years and I have watched the stage being set for the persecution of evangelical Christians in the United States of America. The issues of abortion, Euthanasia, helping the poor,sexual impropriety and hate speech will all be a catalyst for persecution. You must be ready to suffer for our Lord Jesus  Christ.  Please pray for the  persecuted church.  SB

A woman from Yobe state in Nigeria was part of a group of Christians who received help from VOM after their village was attacked last year. Dec, 12, 2014
Pray for  Christians in Nigeria
 Shortly after dawn on Dec. 1, more than 500 heavily armed Boko Haram militants attacked Damaturu, the capital of Yobe state. The militants overran military checkpoints, set fire to a police base and attacked the public university. VOM workers report that several churches were also raided, and some Christians at the churches are believed to have been seriously injured or killed. VOM workers request prayer for believers throughout Yobe state as well as in Borno and Adamawa states, where Christians face daily attacks.

A young police officer questions a Hmong believer.Dec. 12, 2014
 Pray for  Christians in Laos.
 Seven Hmong Christians were arrested on Nov. 2 after refusing demands from police and local officials to renounce their faith. A VOM worker who visited the imprisoned believers said that five were chained in their cells, while the location of the other two--reported to have been badly beaten--is unknown. Please pray for these imprisoned Christians, who are being held in very harsh conditions while being pressured to renounce their faith.

  Pray for Christians in Kenya
December 12,2014
Sarah (left), pictured with her sons and her aunt, survived an al-Shabab church raid in Mombasa. Her husband and five other Christians were killed, while Sarah was hid underneath a pew with her 20-month-old son after she was shot in the foot.More than 60 Christians have been killed recently in two separate attacks by al-Shabab in the northern city of Mandera, Kenya. On Nov. 22, Somali insurgents stopped a bus traveling to Nairobi, separated Kenyans from Somalis (assumed to be Muslim) and shot to death 28 Kenyan passengers who could not recite an Islamic prayer. Ten days later, more than 50 insurgents entered a camp where quarry workers sleep and again killed those who could not recite the prayer. Most of the quarry’s 200 employees were poor Kenyan Christians. The Islamists were seeking revenge 
 against Kenya’s government, which recently raided and closed four mosques that were discovered to be terrorist recruitment centers.