Sunday, July 13, 2014

Persecution of Christians in Iraq and it is spreading.




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ISIS terrorists in Iraq are decimating Christians and destroying Christian landmarks.
Now these worse-than-al Qaeda jihadists reportedly have control of chemical weapons. If they are crucifying Christians in Syria, imagine what they would do to Christian towns with chemical weapons in Iraq.
In Nigeria, the radical terrorist group Boko Haram daily massacres Christians as they worship.
Never have we witnessed such violent persecution of Christians, even in this treacherous area of the world.
Christians are fleeing for their lives. Some estimate that there may be fewer than 50,000 Christians in Iraq in the next ten years if nothing changes.
Christians are being slaughtered. America, the land built on religious freedom, must take a stand. We cannot continue funding governments that perpetuate persecution.
We're fighting from offices in Africa and the Middle East to defend Christians.
Fight with us.
Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

I appreciate Jay's passion to keep us current regarding the persecution that is going on all over the world.  A Christian does not to fear the unfolding of God's plan for the ages.I don't hear nearly the amount of sermons on the subject of things to come. In my day, the late seventies no one would have thought that Israel would be condemned by the world.  But this is coming about and will come about and will serve as a need for them to depend on the Anti-Christ for safety from the world. If you are interested in some books on dispensational prophecies, let me know by response to this blog or by going to our web site's, contact us form.!contact/cito

From Steve Bloem- My ordination, doctrinal statement, 1984.

Eschatology - I believe the following about things to come:

A. The focal point of things to come- the God/Man, Christ Jesus.

  1. The importance of the study of the study of Eschatology.  I believe
      in our study of Eschatology, the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ,
      must be kept central in our  thinking.  If it is not, this teaching will
      become something that give us carnal excitement but not an
     incentive for holy living  II Peter 1:1-14) .

 2. The order of future events
    a. Rapture

    b. Post rapture-Pre-revelation Events
        (1)The Judgement Seat of Christ
        (2) The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
        (3) The Great Tribulation
c. The Revelation of Jesus Christ
         (1) The Deliverance of Israel
         (2  The Binding of Satan
         (3 The Judgement of the Gentile Nations
         (4) The Resurrection of the Old Testament Saints
 d. The Millennium

 e. Unsuccessful Satanic Rebellion

 f The Great White Throne Judgement
 g. The eternal state
        (1) The passing away of first heaven and earth
        (2) The making of the new heaven and new earth
        (3) The New Jerusalem coming down  of heaven.

B. Everyone one of these events will come about just as so many prophecies did when God became a man, and became a sin offering, judged by the Father for our sins and then raised from the dead.  He is now sitting on His Father's throne at His right hand and will someday reign as King on the throne of David from Jerusalem.

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