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Cami Philosophy and Purpose, Copyright 2006, Heartfelt Counseling Ministries,


What is CAMI?
The concepts and the materials of CAMI (Christians Afflicted with Mental Ilness) are copyrighted. They cannot be duplicated or enlarged.  We know there is a prevalence among some believers to say, "This is the Lord's work and I see no problem in taking it as my own." We strongly disagree!
The name stands for Christians Afflicted with Mental Illness. CAMI is an organization of Heartfelt Counseling Ministries, which conducts seminars, provides counseling and advocates for the evangelical, biblical and clinical treatment of persons suffering from mental illness. Mental Illness is a disease that begs for community and it is often more subtle and much more prevalent than we imagine. We offer a safe environment, a listening ear, practical help for treatment and the hope of Christ.

There should be no shame or embarrassment; these illnesses are the result of faulty brain chemistry and those who suffer with them are not weak or unspiritual. Please contact us; be encouraged and helped because we care about you!
Purpose Statement -CAMI exists to strengthen those who are spiritually, psychologically and physically impacted by mental illness. We seek to help create a sense of cohesion and community among those who are truly born again and are affected by depression,bi-polar, schizophrenia, panic and other disorders of mind and mood

1. Secular alliances of mentally ill people, though they do some good,
    cannot meet the spiritual needs of Christians who have mental illness
    nor minister to their caregivers.

2. CAMI provides a visible,tangible fellowship in local
    settings; and also makes interaction possible in real time in the
    global village in which we live.

3. CAMI is a branch of a larger nonprofit ministry, Heartfelt Ministries
    and because of this, CAMI will be strengthened in fulfilling its mission.

4. CAMI provides substantial help and support in training others
    to start and conduct CAMI mental illness support groups.

5. CAMI will help mentally ill Christians who are often misunderstood, 
   stand tall for Christ and work together in stomping out the stigma that
    surrounds  these illnesses.

6. CAMI will be composed of a significant number of Christians who have
    mental illness and/or the caregivers of those who are mentally ill.
   They will be involved in putting into practice the relational  "one another"
    commands which are found in Scripture.

7. CAMI will be embraced by local evangelical churches in both a national and
    international setting.

 8. CAMI Leaders will train and act as support persons for those who
    start/lead,CAMI, mental illness support groups.

9. CAMI offers regional speaking engagements and annual
     conferences including workshops.

10. CAMI will have its own website which will eventually include 

      the online capacity forinteraction among it members.
11. CAMI will train pastors and lay leaders to start and carry

     out ministries which  include ministering effectively to the
     mentally ill population in their churches.

Robyn and Steve with CAMI- "No Shame " Bracelets, copyright 2014, all rights reserved. Buying these will help support Heartfelt Counseling Ministries. It is also a visible demonstration of solidarity by those Christians who are not ashamed or embarrassed of their own mental illness and are willing to declare that mental illness is not a disgrace but is a disease. The cost is $ 1.50 each. if ...we ship to the U.S.) $1.00 if you are local. Ask us about for international shipping.
The CAMI concept may sound funny to those not affected by mental illness , but for those of us who are, it is a way of speaking for the hurting and supporting our brothers and sisters. We want to see these teal bracelets everywhere. Isn't about time that you get out of your comfort zone ( or your closet) and tell people that you believe?
Please go our web site, contact us form and tell us how many you would like. Our address is Heartfelt Counseling Ministries, 4371 Northlake Blvd. Suite 256 , Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410. http://www.heartfeltmin.org/#!contact/cito


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