Tuesday, October 29, 2013

News Flash; Boca Raton, Florida, Popular Seminar Coming in Feb. 2013

I said that the seminar was on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2014. There is no such date.  It is on February 22, 2014

News flash, Boca Raton Florida,
Steve and Robyn Bloem, co-authors of Broken Minds Hope for Healing If You Feel Like You're Losing It are conducting a seminar at their own church, Boca Glades Baptist on Saturday February 22,2014. Registration begins at 9:30 am. and the seminar starts at 10:00 am. The seminar is Whispers in the Foyer, An  Honest Look at the Christian and Mental Illness.
Pastor Nathan Wagner says about the seminar,  "with rare honesty and openness, Steve and Robyn present a detailed description of mental illness itself, a Biblical lens through which to engage it, and an inspirational story of struggle and triumph. Woven through Steve’s presentation on several types of mental illness and a solid Biblical discussion on it’s validity and implications, Robyn shares a story of intense struggle as they battled Steve’s depression early on in their marriage, the loss of their daughter and unborn grandchild to a tragic car accident, and ongoing journey as they continue to navigate the chaos and uncertainty defining mental illness." The cost  is $60.00 and includes a copy of Broken Minds which has a retail value of $15.00. Group rates and  couples rates for available as well.  If you wish to view the entire review.com w, please go to http://sbloemreflections.blogspot.com/2011/05/whispers-in-foyer-honest-look-at.html
If you want more information about this seminar, please email me at camimovement@yahoo.com

Steve Bloem


  1. I am looking forward to gaining more insights and better understanding mental illness.

  2. Thanks Noel,
    We are praying for a profitable time!!


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