Monday, August 12, 2013

VOM-USA Prayer Update for August 9, 2013
On Thu. Aug 08 2013 at 03:13 PM Moderator wrote: Egypt--Widespread Attacks on Christians Continue
Source: VOM SourcesRevelations 2:10-11

Persecution in Egypt continues to increase at an alarming

rate. Churches, stores owned by Christians and Christians'
 homes were attacked in three villages in Menia city on
Aug. 4, a VOM worker reports. In the city of Sohag, radical
 Muslims attacked another church and put the flag
of al-Qaida on the building. Earlier in July, two
Christians were killed in northern areas of the Sinai
Peninsula. On July 18, two churches in Matai and Kom
Hamada were attacked during a funeral procession for
two Muslim Brotherhood members. Smaller churches
in Arish have closed, and only one church is holding
a weekly service for those who remain. In the Luxor p
rovince, the newly appointed head of police is s
uspected of intentionally failing to respond to an
incident on July 5 in which four Christians were killed.[/quote]

Azerbaijan--Pastor's Wife Passes Away
Source: VOM Sources
Psalm 71:21

Pastor Zaur, who leads a small Baptist church in Aliabad, 

lost his wife, Nunuka, on July 21 after a long battle with
pancreatic cancer. Zaur Blaev and his congregation have
been continually harassed by the local imam and
authorities. In 2007, Pastor Zaur was arrested
during a raid on a worship service in his home, 
and he spent nearly a year in a prison camp before
 being released. More recently, while Zaur was in
Russia seeking treatment for his wife, his church
was again raided and issued a large fine. Nunuka
continued to struggle through surgeries and
treatment, but on Sunday morning, July 21, 
she told Zaur, "I'm going to heaven, to be near God, 
so you don't need to worry about me. Please
continue to serve God." Please pray that God will
 continue to comfort and sustain Pastor Zaur.[/quote]

North Korea--Balloon Launches Help Spread the Gospel
Source: Seoul USA, VOM Sources
Isaiah 55:10-11

A VOM worker reports record launches of New Testaments

into North Korea in July. For the month of July alone, 
23,130 New Testaments were launched into North Korea.
 Through multiple launch points, workers are able to
drop materials on areas that are largely unreached
 by the gospel. A chief of Security Vision informed
VOM partners of a North Korean website threatening
 organizations that launch balloons. The VOM partners
 were asked to refrain from launching balloons, but
 they were able to launch again on July 11, releasing
 2,000 New Testaments. On July 31, they launched
 a record 7,500 New Testaments, the largest number
 launched in 2013. Continue to pray for favorable
 launch conditions, and pray that these Scriptures
will fall into the right hands in North Korea.[/quote]

Please remember those who are in prison because of their faith
and yet cannot take medication that will help them be safe
in body and mind.
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