Monday, June 10, 2013

'Suicide Bridge': Portland Group Calls for Prevention Barriers at Suicide Hotspot.

Vista Bridge in Portland, Ore. has become known as the Suicide Bridge.


I thought this article on suicide was interesting. I applaud the attention given to the subject.  Suicide is an epidemic across the world.  However, if any of you are getting ideas about taking your life, please think again.  You have a life worth living.  You are important to your loved ones.  Believe me, there is help. God values your life.  If you are a Christian the Bible says that every hair on your head is numbered.  And, I am sure that every neurotransmitter is  also numbered.

 I once was tempted to stop the psychic pain  of severe depression  by  jumping off a bridge, which is similar to the one in the picture above.   Someone, from my church (at the time) who had been assigned to keep track of me left me alone on the extremely high bridge. The reason he  had been assigned to watch me because I was a high risk for suiicde. Obviously, I did not jump. In fact at that time (1985), I was being under treated for my severe depression.  All seemed hopeless.  I felt like I was being tortured every minute, but later I got the right treatment.

I have not had a severe episode in fifteen years.  My aunt has severe bipolar disorder. For many years she had multiple psychiatric hospitalizations before she got the right treatment. After she was much better and no longer needed hospitalization, she came up with  a saying; God did the miracle and Lithium did the trick.  In my case it the Father of Mercies used, Seroquel.  And for the antidepressant medications and mood stabilizers are not addicting, they go right to the source of the problem in the brain.

The state of  Oregon, where this bridge stands is  conflicted on the subject of suicide.  It is legal to have assisted suicide in Oregon. But the vote in 1994 on whether or not it should be legal was very close. It is very possible that in the future that people from all over the world  could be assisting many who have mood disorders to commit suicide.
As Christians, we need to hold fast the word of God, which condemns suicide. (I do not mean by this if you commit suicide you go to Hell).  I am committing to help those who are suicidal, are you?

Steve Bloem has been trained in Suicide awareness and prevention. Robyn and Steve Bloem talk about suicide and ways to avoid it in their book, Broken Minds Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You're Losing It. The largest chapter is on suicide. If you would like more information please go this link:

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Here is the article

A bridge has now become known as "Suicide Bridge" in Portland, Ore. with numerous people jumping to their deaths from the bridge even in just recent months, and now local residents want authorities to address the issue and take action to prevent more suicides in the future.

In January it was reported that a newly engaged 19 year old jumped to her death from the Vista Bridge west of downtown Portland. The just last month a 40 year old man also committed suicide by jumping from the bridge. Again, just last week a 15 year old girl jumped and died in yet another apparent suicide.
Now local residents are saying enough is enough, and are pushing for authorities to address the issue.
A group called "Friends of The Vista Bridge" are asking the city to install suicide prevention barriers at the bridge to bring a halt to the loss of life at the now-notorious site.
Such barriers have been installed at other landmarks around the world where suicides had become an increased threat, and local residents in Portland now want similar action to be taken at their location.
The campaigning group believes that if the barriers are installed it will act as a deterrent and make potentially suicidal people stop and think twice before doing anything rash.
Skeptics have pointed out that the City is facing a $20 million budget shortfall, and installing the barriers at the site would cost $2.5 million, acting as a potential bar to the project moving forward. The bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and so only architecturally appropriate barriers may be installed at the location.
The budget shortfall will likely mean a federal grant will need to be applied for.
City Commissioner Steve Novick has said, "We certainly think of it as a high priority. But there's a whole mess of competing priorities and not much money," according to The Associated Press,

By Daniel Blake, Christian Post Contributor