Monday, December 17, 2012

September 11, 2001 and now, Did God turn His head?


Jack Pinto and Noah Ponzer buried today on December 17, 2012
by Robyn Bloem  Co-founder - Heartfelt Counseling Ministries

What they did not teach him at seminary
Our daughter who was 8 months pregnant, was killed by a drugged driver on 9-11-01, returning from a prayer vigil for the nation and the family members of the terrorist victims. I had to work through many issues in my own Christian heart. As I was still meditating, praying and weeping my way through life, a seminary professor came to teach a summer SS class of adults. In his meandering lesson, he mentioned that Sept. 11 is what happens when God just turns his head for a moment.

Have we forgotten the children who were lost before penicillin and other medical treatments?
As the bobble head class members bobbled, I started to fume. Finally, I raised my hand and said, As a mother and grandmother who lost my children on 9-11-01, I'd like to know why you think God turned His head that day...why would you say that?I   had been praying and reading old Puritan works like Samuel Rutherford, Thomas Boston-men from periods in history when Christians had to grapple with the loss of children and God's Hand in tragedy. Their children and children of their flock were dying of strep and TB, plagues...they had to deal with what most of Americans do not have to deal with.

When suffering we want to fix it.
When we face these tragedies, we want to fix blame, sue people, do anything we think will prevent suffering...well, there is no end to pain on earth. Horrible things happen to innocents and we cannot keep everyone in our parental view all the time. Well, we were actually 20 feet away from our daughter, following her home-I saw then there was nothing we could do to save her.

The Children of Connecticut
These precious innocent children were victims of life on a sinful earth and the pain these families will experience for years to come is very real. BUT God is God, we are clay, vapor, dust, and helpless. He walks among the children of men, enters any building, any home, any heart and He was there that day allowing this for some reason. He is not weak, bored, disinterested or distant. He is sovereign, wise, loving and powerful. Why and when and why not are not questions we get answers to. He is the great I AM and someday we will be so glad that He did and allowed everything exactly the way He did. I believe that one day I will say, "I wouldn't have changed a thing." Then it will be sight-- now I say it by faith.
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