Friday, December 21, 2012

CAMI Online, It is finally here!

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CAMI (Christians Afflicted with Mental Illness) Online is a support group for those who are afflicted with depression, bipolar disorder  or some other type of mental illness. It also ministers to people who are care givers of those who suffer these afflictions.  
 Mental Illness is a disease that begs for community and it is often more subtle and much more prevalent than we imagine. We offer a safe environment, a listening ear, practical help for treatment and the hope of deliverance.  There should be no shame or embarrassment; these illnesses are the result of faulty brain chemistry We believe also in spiritual depression but it has a different remedy than biological. It is important to make a distinction. Come, be encouraged and helped because we care about you! All you need is a computer which has a camera (usually a lap top.

It is been extremely difficult to convince pastor's in the U.S.A. that Christian people who have a mental illness need a support group. Much of this is because of the stigma of mental illness. It is also because a number of evangelical groups who believe in  that Scripture is God breathed and without error,
do not believe in the biology of mental illness.  This has caused huge problems for people who have mental illness  and are in a church or looking for one.

One way we can bring the group to the Christian mentally ill person is to offer an online group. We have already started one and it is working well.  We use an Internet provider which allows us to see one another on our personal computers.  There is a group leader who uses the CAMI Leader and Study Guides.
The leader using this study guide asks questions and the other group members discuss them. We pray online in real time with one another.  The group is without charge and the study guide is $6.00 a person. The present online group is using U.S.A. Eastern Standard time.  Please contact us at the link below.
form.!contact/cito .

If you would like to know more about our steady selling book which has personal narratives and also biblical principles that deal with mental illness, please go to

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  1. I am part of this group and it is very helpful, informative and encouraging.

  2. CAMI Online is also on facebook because more people use facebook than Google+. We need more likes on facebook. Please help us get to 40 likes.


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