Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lindsay the Prodigal comes home

Lindsay, Mom and Dad, Last Christmas

During those fourteen months of her absence, I said of Lindsay that she was “stuck in stubborn.” She used to say all the time, “If I just leave Bill now, why did I do all those things, i.e., quit high school, leave home, etc. It was all just wasted if I just up and leave him; it was for nothing.” Of course, that is a devilish argument, keeping her trapped in sin. My mother was getting ready to come and visit and when she came that May, things were still stiff and awkward but God really used my mom’s relationship with Lindsay to talk some sense into her. I guess she had heard just about all she could stand from us, but here was a new voice. Lindsay had talked to us about marrying Bill. We weren’t so sure that would be the best move and Steve told her not to make two mistakes. She shared some of her fears and told us eventually that she really loved Bill and they wanted to rear their child together.

“How would that actually come about?” She continued, “I can’t just move away from Bill one day and get married the next; that would seem weird.”
My mom took some long walks with Lindsay and talked some of those issues through with her. Lindsay loved and respected her grandmother and listened to what she had to say. Mom suggested that she move home for a little while and then have a small wedding with everyone’s blessing. Although it may seem like it came about quite easily and quickly, it didn’t; this whole episode lasted fourteen long, painful months, each day dragging us through the mire of awaiting another person’s decisions. Finally at the very end of June, 2001, Lindsay moved home. The resounding cheers were like the shot heard around the world. Our prodigal had come home! She told me once, “I don’t want to creep you out or anything Mom, but Bill and I are really trying to do the right thing. We are hardly even kissing. We want the Lord to know we are serious!”    --Robyn Bloem