Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Suffering is a highway to usefulness and Heaven

Spurgeon near the end of his life.
He died when he was fifty seven years old.

Hi blog readers, I hope this part of the e-letter will help some suffering soul to take courage in their afflictions. Robyn and I have seen many days and even years of suffering. Suffering without purpose and a sense of God’s love leads to cynicism, burn out, despair and extreme discontent. The great pastor teacher, preacher, Charles Spurgeon has a word for those who are overwhelmed with sorrow and trials.

Here is the quote

He whom God would use must be taught sympathy with God’s poor people. Hence we get these words of David, in the sixth verse, I am brought very low. If the Lord means to bless you, my brother, and to make you very useful in his church depend upon it; He will try you. Half, perhaps nine-tenths, of the trials of God’s ministers are not sent to them on their own account; but they are sent for the good of other people. Many a child of God, who goes smoothly to heaven, does very little for others; but another of Lord’s children, who has all the ins and outs and changes of an experienced believer’s life has them only that he may be the better fitted to help others; to sit down and weep with them that weep, or to stand up with them that rejoice with them that rejoice. So then you, dear brethren who have got into the cave, and you, my sisters, who have deep spiritual exercises… You are to be tried, my friend, that God may be glorified in you. (Spurgeon, Charles. Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, David’s prayer in the cave, (Psalm 142 May 18, 1890), pp. 90,91.

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