Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Bohemian Martyr,John Huss

When John Huss, the Bohemian martyr, was brought out to be burnt, they put on his head a triple crown of paper with pointed devils, he said, My Lord Jesus Christ, for my sake wore a crown of thorns, why should I not for His sake wear this light crown, be it be it ever be so ignominious? Truly I will do it, and that willingly. When it was put upon his head, the bishops said, Now we commend thy soul to the devil.
But I,said Huss, lifting his eyes to Heaven, do commit my spirit into Thy hands, O, Lord Jesus Christ; to Thee I commend my spirit, which Thou hast redeemed. When the fagots were piled to Huss's neck, the Duke of Bavaria was officious enough to desire him to adjure, No, said Huss, I never preached any doctrine of evil tendency; and what I taught with my lips, I now seal with my blood. (From the Sword Scrapbook, complied by John R. Rice, Sword of the Lord Publishers, (1969).

Luther about Huss

Early in his monastic career, Martin Luther, rummaging through the stacks of a library, happened upon a volume of sermons by John Huss, the Bohemian who had been condemned as a heretic. "I was overwhelmed with astonishment," Luther later wrote. "I could not understand for what cause they had burnt so great a man, who explained the Scriptures with so much gravity and skill."

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