Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Steve Brown's review of Broken Minds

Broken Minds: Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You're "Losing It" (Paperback) - Steve & Robyn Bloem Wow! What a great book a book that we’ve needed for such a long time. With clarity, Biblical faithfulness and grace, Steve and Robyn Bloem lead us from their personal experience to hope for the rest of us who have experienced, or loved those who have experienced, the pain of a "broken mind." This is a book that should be mandatory reading for every leader in the church. It is one of the most (perhaps "the most") helpful books I’ve ever read on mental illness." "I really do think this is a great book and will be making in mandatory reading for my practical theology classes." http://heartfeltcounselingministries.com/bookpurchase.aspx