Monday, August 27, 2018

The Pastoral Handbook of Mental Illness

Steve has a new book, published by 
Kregel Publications of Grand Rapids, MI. 
The name of it is, The Pastoral Hand book
 of Mental illness a Guide for Training and Reference.

If you are a professor in a college or seminary, Kregel Publications will advise you on how to teach using this book as a curriculum. I also will be available for questions and advice..

From Julius
Book Review-This review is condensed
This book can be used by Pastors and Laity alike. This book isn't a hard read, matter of fact, its a book that I think will benefit the entire church, not just our pastors and pastoral counselors. 

If utilized in both seminaries and Christian counseling programs, I think this book will make the Christian counselor understand that not everything is spiritual matter. Sometimes, you cant pray the sadness away or the anger away. But more than that, it gives our pastors a tool, a much needed tool to be able to confidently help someone who needs to be seen by a medical professional. 

How do I get  these books?
You can pay by check for The Pastoral Handbook of Mental Illness The price by check including shipping is $22.00
 The mailing address is,Heartfelt Counseling Ministries,12370 Sawgrass Court, Wellington, Florida 33414 .

If your mailing address is in Canada, you pay 24.00
 As soon as Steve receives the check, he will send the book  to your address,which should be  on your check.  . 

If you wish to  buy Broken Minds Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You' Losing It. the price $19including shipping.
If you live in Canada the price would be 
  $22.00 and that includes  shipping.

If you wish to pay by Pay pal, you must  go on-line
 You  scroll down to the donation button, click on the donation button ,and put in the amount needed.The amounts are the same as paying by check.
If you wish to pay by credit card andnot online, you can call Heartfelt Counseling Ministry at 561-909-9109.
If you wish to purchase both  books, Use your payment  method and pay $43.00 and  that includes shipping.


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