Monday, June 5, 2017

Reasons why God allows His people to feel, apparent desertions

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  1.  Divine Sovereignty manifested is Communion of the Saints with our Lord.
  2. Without this the believer could not enter into the depths of fellowship with Christ in His sufferings. 
  3.  Thus, in some men the Lord works a preparation for eminent service.
  4. The Lord Jesus sometimes hides Himself from us, because by this foresight and prudence he is thus able to prevent the breaking forth of evil.  
  5.  Our Lord Jesus designs us also to try our faith. 
  6.  A temporary withdrawal endears Christ to us upon His return, and gives the soul some idea of the infinite value of His smile.
  7. This also whets our appetite for heaven and makes us thirst for the land of bliss. 
  8.  Gross and foul offenses of any kind will drive the King from the soul very speedily.
  9.  Careless living, even if we fall not into open transgression, will soon build a wall between our Lord and the soul.
  10.  Idleness in the ways of grace will also hinder communion.
  11.  Unthankfulness will soon strip us from our joys.
  12.  Cowardice will also rob us of the Master’s manifest presence.
  13.  Harshness to the afflicted may bring us into deep waters.
  14.  Pride cast thick shadow over any believer who indulges in it.
  15.  Idolatrous love whatever may be the object of it, is so abominable, that it will shut out the light of God’s countenance in a short space, unless it be destroyed. 
  16.  Unbelief, distrust, and worldly care will also provoke him to return unto His   place.
  17. But carnal security is the master-sin in this point. Charles Spurgeon, The Saint and the Savior, public domain

      The Saint and His Saviour   -     By: Charles H. Spurgeon

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