Monday, May 8, 2017

Christian children are beheaded and burned to death!

The extermination of Christians is being executed on a global scale.
Our urgent deadline to defend them is midnight, but we need you.
ISIS beheads Christian kids. It barbarically burns Christian girls alive. It stones and crucifies others. It bombed churches as Christians worshiped on Palm Sunday in Egypt. Syria's Christians - 66% decimated. Iraq's Christians - 82% destroyed or displaced.It makes my blood boil. It makes my heart ache. If we don't act, more Christians will die.  Jay Seukulow

How can we act? We  must pray for those who are left behind.  We must pray for those who are in prison, we must remember their suffering. SB

From the Voice of Martyrs
 Pastor "Kasun" faced similar community opposition to his church in Sri Lanka.
On March 25, a Buddhist monk led a group of about 50 people into a church and demanded that the Christians cease worship activities. When police arrived, they scolded the Christians for disturbing the peace and ordered the pastor to go to the station for an interview. Pastor “Ishara” visited the police station twice but never met the officer in charge. A week later, the pastor, who had led worship in the area for 17 years, received a letter stating that his church must register with the government. When he again visited the police station, he was met by a mob of about 200 people. Police demanded that he immediately stop all religious activities, warning him that he would face severe consequences if he failed to comply. Police subsequently charged Pastor Ishara with disturbing the peace, and villagers have attacked him on several occasions, throwing rocks at his house. Pray for Pastor Ishara’s strength and peace during these difficulties, and pray that he will find favor with the government so his church can continue to worship.

 Village authorities in Laos often accuse describe Christianity as a tool of the American CIA.
“Kamea,” a single mother of three children, is starting over in a new village after being evicted from her home because of her Christian faith. She was led to Christ through her 18-year-old son, who became a Christian while working in a large city for a year.