Monday, April 24, 2017

You Came for Me, Part 2

 By Guest blogger- Robyn Bloem
 Another one of our Joy Cub “kids” contacted me today. She and our daughter, Lindsay, stayed in contact by writing letters for over ten years.  One day a letter came in the mail after Lindsay had been killed. Steve tearfully wrote her a letter and told her what had happened. He thanked her for being such a faithful friend. 
Lindsay died in 2001, so another sixteen years have passed. I have communicated with this young woman through Facebook off and on, commenting on her family and other things. Today this same friend, reminded me that she named her eldest daughter Emily, after Lindsay’s daughter who died with her in 2001. She also told me this morning that her daughter reminded her of Lindsay with her brown eyes and brown hair. This Joy Club “kid” is also serving the Lord today. I was touched that she remembered the color of Lindsay’s eyes.

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The only thing Steve asked the deacons when we left the church was that they would not let the children’s ministry go. They said they would keep doing the Joy Club and the Youth Group. They dropped both of them almost immediately.

As Christians we all try to remind ourselves that God doesn’t waste our work and HE is faithful to remember what we have done in His name. We know it is true but what an encouragement it is to hear of it this side of heaven when our faith tends to falter and our hope can dim in the light of other “things.”

If you have been serving in the shadows and wondering if you are having an impact, keep going! God is for you! In heaven we may be surprised what the Lord says to us. There may be things we thought were noteworthy that we did for the wrong motive or with the wrong heart and then other ministry efforts that will surprise us for the positive. There will be people there because of us and praises sung for eternity because of a glass of water given in Jesus’ name. 

We knew the lessons the Lord had taught to us about depending and trusting Him when our decision seemed wrong; about being faithful even when the end result appeared wasted and how to persevere when things are grim.  But along the duty of life and learning, He also touched and changed the people who were the most pliable and earnest in that little town; the children.

Yes, kids, we came for you!

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