Saturday, March 11, 2017

Amazing story about North Korea, Remember and pray for the Christians there.


The Outhouse Of The Prison Was The Only Place We Could Worship.

 Heartfelt Counseling Ministries

 The Scriptures are very clear.  We must acknowledge the suffering and advocate for true Christians who are in prison and are being tortured  We depend on Voice of Martyrs for much of our information.  Here is the link for the rest of the story. 
 Please follow the link and continue to the third paragraph. SB

Jonas couldn’t believe what was happening. For years he had been covertly entering hard labor work sites in remote unnamed locations where modern day slaves were “employed." The slaves had been sent by North Korea as part of a corrupt government program. His mission was to bring food, medicine, and the message of the Gospel to the men who lived with little or no hope. Jonas had been careful to steer clear of the leaders of the slave rings who viciously protected their assets from outside influence, but something had drastically changed.
The very leaders Jonas had done his best to avoid had discovered him while he was ministered to some of the workers. He expected violence, but instead they had welcomed him into a brand new work site that was not on Jonas’ map.  The undercover evangelist suddenly found himself face to face with 30 new workers, all in need of the resources and message he carried.