Sunday, September 25, 2016

Robyn Leeser Bloem with Steve Bloem.

Yes, I repeat myself. See why below. :)
Recognize this picture? Or this announcement?
Whispers in the Foyer Seminar Oct. 15. 2016
Consider this:
The 1st time people look at an ad, they don’t see it.
The 2nd time, they don’t notice it.
The 3rd time, they are aware that it is there.
The 4th time, they have a fleeting sense that they’ve seen it before.
The 5th time, they actually read the ad.
The 6th time, they thumb their nose at it.
The 7th time, they get a little irritated with it.
The 8th time, they think, “Here’s that confounded ad again.”
The 9th time, they wonder if they’re missing out on something.
The 10th time, they ask their friends or neighbors if they’ve tried it.
The 11th time, they wonder how the company is paying for all these ads.
The 12th time, they start to think that it must be a good product.
The 13th time, they start to feel the product has value.
The 14th time, they start to feel like they’ve wanted a product like this for a long time.
The 15th time, they start to yearn for it because they can’t afford to buy it.
The 16th time, they accept the fact that they will buy it sometime in the future.
The 17th time, they make a commitment to buy the product.
The 18th time, they curse their poverty because they can’t buy this terrific product.
The 19th time, they count their money very carefully.
The 20th time prospects see the ad, they buy what it is offering.
Now consider this: Mr. Smith penned this witty insight back in 1885 — over 129 years ago! Advertising was still in its infancy, but savvy marketers like Smith quickly figured out that “more frequency = more effective.”
*Taken from the Financial Brand online
I know I have spoken about our October seminar in Boca Raton already. But you know, I watched a commercial about Peter Pan at a 50th class reunion for weeks before I bothered noting who was paying for the commercial. It makes me laugh just thinking about it; you know the one where he stands around insulting his aged 68 year-old high school friends just like an annoying 13 year old would. I laughed every time as if I had never seen it before! That was Geico.
Jon Bon Jovi singing “Turn Back Time” for Direct TV had me singing and laughing for another few weeks. And again, I had to really think about who the advertiser was.
We all know who taught us JUST DO IT! That’s because Nike declared this for the first time in 1988.
So at the risk of annoying you, I am repeating the announcement about our seminar on Mental Health Issues. It is Oct. 15, 2016 at Boca Glades Baptist Church. It costs $60.00 per person, $90.00 per couple, includes lunch and lots of information, our personal journey in ministry as Steve has had Bipolar II since 1985 and what the illnesses are, what they look like, how to help and what the bible says about it.
Hopefully it won’t take Peter Pan, Bon Jovi or the Gecko to help you remember our seminar because we only have about 3 weeks. You won’t be able to turn back time.
We registered 4 more people today so hurry up! Seating is limited. Come on, JUST DO IT.

If you would like to pay online go to
You can also send a check to our address: 4371 Northlake Blvd., Suite 256, Palm Beach Gardens,
Florida  33410

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