Sunday, February 21, 2016

Are Pharmacies Ripping You Off?

 From the pen of Robyn Bloem, Co-founder of Heartfelt Counseling Ministries


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Our American insurance changed and so our pharmacy did, too. Because the insurance company always believes that Steve takes too high of a dose of one of his meds, they will only pay for 2 weeks worth and then he pays out of pocket for the other 2 weeks. The new pharmacy rang up his prescription and said very matter-of-factually, "Okay, that's  $735.00." Huh? We were paying $40.00 for that same 2 week supply at the last pharmacy. 
Steve said, "That's outrageous! I paid 40.00 at (and he named the last pharmacy who no longer takes our insurance -- which is why we switched in the first place). He closed his wallet (and his mouth which had dropped open in shock) and proceeded to the old pharmacy where he purchased the uninsured portion of his medication for $40.00.

 Huge Discrepancy in drug store prices

 How can there be such a huge discrepancy in store prices??? We all have to shop around, do price comparisons and make sure we are getting the absolute best price we can. They ARE different and big chains are not always the best. I get one of my prescriptions at Wal-Mart for 10.00 per month without insurance but Wal-Mart is 4 times as expensive for another one of mine. 

Check around and if you are in a depressive episode and can't face the whole ordeal, find a merciful and determined friend to do that for you. Just another reminder of the stress we face some days when we feel blah, flat and unmotivated and we need to make our way through the systems that be. Please don't stop taking your meds because of these scenarios. That is the wrong avenue. You need them. Find someone to help you and if you know the Lord-- pray. The Lord can bring you help when you are weak and feeling defeated. Hang on. With empathy and love,Robyn.

 I just had a CAMI member, Heidi, make me aware of a web site which does the shopping for you when it comes to pricing medications. This is how we help one another.  I am not sure about mail order countries outside the United States.  Here it is 

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