Thursday, August 6, 2015

Gospel Wild Fire Burning Across the Globe!


 From the Voice of Martyrs  

Colombia: "We All Know the Risk"
Pastors in the "red zone" areas of Colombia--areas controlled by FARC guerillas--are targets. The FARC resents the gospel message which makes it harder to recruit the population to support the guerrilla movement. Pastors in such areas face danger and threats. This week on VOM Radio we'll discuss how The Voice of the Martyrs provides such pastors with training and encouragement and how these encounters bless them, as well as the VOM workers involved. You'll also hear an update on two ongoing court cases; the case against Asia Bibi in Pakistan and the ongoing trial of two pastors accused of espionage in Sudan.
 Most American Christians think persecution is something that happens only in far-off places. Many don’t realize that Christians in Mexico—right next door—can face persecution. In Chiapas, Zapatista rebels pressure those who choose to follow Jesus to renounce their faith in Christ and return to the traditional religion and superstitions of the area. Christians are kicked out of their homes and villages, left with nothing. “Ivan” oversees VOM’s ministry to these bold believers, and this week he shares about meeting with them and how God continues to work in spite of the persecution they face.
Please pray for those mentioned. If you would like pray for other persecuted Christians, please go to: