Friday, May 29, 2015

A Place Called Ease

 A Place Called "Ease" and Other Lessons


While Steve was counseling on Wednesday, I decided to go along and do some studying... or treasure hunting at thrift stores...yep, treasure hunting won. 

On my way back to pick him up, the steering froze and the car was not doing what cars are supposed to I made it back to where he was and a belt fell out of... well, I don't know where exactly- somewhere inside the guts of the car. I informed him that we seemed to be having a slight car problem. Since we had just put $869.00 in said car last November, we called the same mechanic and he said he "warranties everything he touches" for one year. Well, that settled it; we would have it towed to Boca Raton where it was probably going to be completely free. haha...

So, we called, rode in the tow truck (with a guy who took our business card "in case he needs counseling") and dropped off the CRV. We then walked two miles to the Tri-Rail station, rode the train twenty miles to Okeechobee Blvd. in West Palm, transferred to a bus and rode the bus to Wellington. On the bus, I was reading Pilgrim's Progress and laughed out loud when I came to the portion I had before me. It is just four lines describing a place called "Ease." "Then Christian and Hopeful went out again and went til they came to a delicate plain, called Ease, where they went with much content; but that plain was very narrow, so they quickly got over it." Pretty funny, huh?

Yes, Ease is indeed a narrow pass but someday all will be bliss. We await His promises where moth and rust don't corrupt and thieves can't break in and steal...and cars are not even necessary. Oh, and buses and trains couldn't possibly be "there" since they are slow, unpredictable and not very pleasant smelling. Yea for the promises of God! (and the blessing of Pilgrims Progress). Oh, and as things go, this problem is an entirely different one than he "touched" last time. Of course, it is. Oh, well. :)

Robyn Bloem