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You can be sick and be in the will of God, Part 1

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Hunted by sickness

I have been sick a number of times in my life.  I had kidney stones in my early twenties. This was a very painful illness, only to be made worse by the ineptness of a physician.  I became very sick
at age twenty nine.  This time it was a clinical depression which affected my whole body. I could not sleep, nor eat and I had no sex drive.  My mood was very depressed.  Robyn and our family had to go on Food Stamps and Medicaid. We also had to move into the basement of one our relatives. Even now I am on medication which has arrested the illness but not cured it.  Mental illness for me has meant many episodes of depression.

Lithium Toxicity
In my thirties I was hospitalized for depression so I could have electro-convulsive therapy. In my forties,  I was hospitalized again because of my depression and again I had ECT treatments.  After that, I almost died as a result of Lithium toxicity. I literally was being poisoned. I vomited day after day.  With this toxicity came days and weeks of being unable to walk, I was admitted into the hospital for a week. My whole body would continuously shake. It took the health care professionals almost a month to diagnose me and get me off the drug that was killing me.  Again there was serious physician error in this situation.

You need to exorcise the demon!
I remember once when I was depressed a woman asked me why I did not try to exorcise the demon of depression.  I said that I did not believe that there was such an entity and that my theology did not lead me to exorcise demons; later I responded to biological treatment.  Some days after that I saw that same woman in a psychiatric hospital where I worked.  She was admitted after she tried to harm herself. She was on a suicide watch.  Her doctrine affected her life. The devil when he attacks is some time like a serpent in the grass. He uses our incorrect doctrine against us.

Many Trials
Robyn and I have had our share of trials. We lost our daughter Lindsay, and a grand baby when a drugged driver hit her car in the evening on September 11, 2001. Lindsay was coming home from church after praying for our nation.   After this Robyn had breast cancer and underwent radiation and medication therapy. This happened about the same time I lost my job as a clinical case manager. We have had to obey the Scripture to: rejoice in hopepersevere in tribulation and be devoted to prayer, (Romans 12:12).

 Job's friends
Some Christians told me that God was not pleased with me and that was why my life was a pile of troubles. Of course that is not true. I have read the book of Job many times and realized that God allows the righteous to suffer.  Blaming the victim, adds insult to injury.  Job said, ""I have heard many such things; sorry comforters are you all (Job 16:1, 2). That is a comforting to me, to know that  great Christians, like Job, have often had people approach him to be their counselors, they sorry counselors like a bull in a China closet.

Walking by faith not by sight
The Bible tells us that we walk by faith not by sight.  Robyn and I, by the grace of God, have been plodders.  We have found grace in the center of our afflictions.  We know for sure that we are children of God.  Recently, a close friend confided in me that he had been diagnosed cancer and that he hoped he would still have time to do some things for the Lord. But more bad news has come; the cancer is everywhere in his body. He since has gone to be with the Lord, he was sixty one. No one worthy of being called a friend would have assaulted him with platitudes.  God has the prerogative of calling His children home when ever He pleases.

Another one of my close friends recently committed suicide.  He had been diagnosed with cancer and was in much pain. The devil seduced him and he took his own life.  He had been a pastor for many years. The devil attacks some while they are young and some during middle age and of course some in their later years.  We must realize that we are not immune to suffering or to the "evil day" which is talked about in Ephesians 6, "Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning."

Don't scold the small souled!
f you know someone who is sick or having deep trials, don't try to rebuke them for it.
It only makes them feel worse.  The health, wealth, prosperity gospel is unbiblical and mocks believers.  My friend mentioned above has this  left this world to go to heaven where he will receive his rewards.  Hebrews 6:10 says, For God is not unjust so as to forget your work and the love which you have shown toward His name, in having ministered and in still ministering to the saints. But we have no human way to understand these things. We must constantly read God's word and pray to Him frequently seek His face.

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