Monday, September 29, 2014

Boko Haram continues to murder and kidnap Christians. Your prayers are needed!!

Please pray for Christians who have been murdered and kidnapped by the cruel group, the"Boko Haram." Did you know that there is a Scripture in Hebrews that says it is not a suggestion that we think and pray for those who are undergoing persecution in the body of Christ? It is a command!
Hebrews 13:3 states, "Remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those who are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body."
The body of Christ here is all true born again believers in the world at this time. In a greater sense it is all those from the day of Pentecost until the return of Christ. We pray for the living not the dead.

Now this is a very strong statement by the writer of Hebrews! If your body is hurting, ignoring it will cause you problems later. The remembrance of persecuted Christians is not having fleeting thoughts of them. The remembrance of those who are ill treated and who are prisoners is a commanded empathy. You are to do it as though you are in the cell next to them or you are witnessing the beatings, the kidnappings and the killings that occur.
Heartfelt Counseling Ministries recommends that you become aware of the problem through the missionaries in your local church and you visit the Voice of the Martyrs web site.

Sep. 26, 2014 | Nigeria


A young man escaped Boko
Haram militants in a July 2014 attack
 but sustained serious burns on his back
 while fleeing a home that had been set on fire
In late August, more than 100 Boko Haram insurgents stormed a church in Adamawa state, Nigeria, killing more than 70 people and kidnapping an unknown number of teenage girls. The insurgents charged into the church in the village of Madagali during Sunday morning worship, ordered women and children to get out and began firing on worshipers. The gunmen then left the church, continuing to shoot those fleeing, and set fire to several houses. They also kidnapped a number of teenage girls and stole food, livestock and a large amount of cash from the

Pray for Shri and Asha

A Christian couple in northeastern India's Bihar state were hospitalized after being beaten by Hindu extremists who vowed to kill them. The extremists stormed the home of Shri Lal Khatiyan and his wife, Asha Devi, and attacked Shri, accusing him of paganism. When Asha intervened, she too was severely beaten. Later that day, about 100 Hindu extremists armed with clubs reportedly took up positions around the village and threatened to kill any Christian trying to file a police complaint. A new tactic by extremists is to wound pastors and other Christians in ways that will cause them to die.


Behnam Irani, who is serving six years in prison in Iran, was given 18 additional charges, including “spreading corruption on Earth.” This charge, along with the charge of “enmity against God” can carry the death penalty.

Iranian Christians continue to face persecution, including charges that can carry the death penalty. Five Christians -- Mohammad Taslimi; Hamidreza Borhani and his wife, Zainab Akbari; Moluk Ruhani; and Sepideh Morshedi -- were arrested on Sept. 2 and are being held without charge. Authorities seized their Bibles, computer equipment and mobile phones. Several other Christians have been arrested since August, and Iranian officials have charged several church leaders with crimes of "enmity against God" and "spreading corruption on Earth," both of which can carry the death penalty.