Monday, August 11, 2014

Depression or Brainstorm

Depression - We know that not all depression is of biological origin. William Styron felt that using the word depression for a biological (clinical) depression is a misnomer. He says, "As one who has suffered from the malady in extremis yet returned to tell the tale, I would lobby for a truly arresting designation. 'Brainstorm,' for instance, has unfortunately been preempted to describe, somewhat jocularly, intellectual inspiration. But something along these lines is needed. Told that someones mood disorder has evolved into a storm--a veritable howling tempest in the brain, which is indeed what a clinical depression resembles like nothing else--even the uninformed layman might display sympathy rather than the standard reaction that "depression" evokes, something akin to,
 "So what?" or "You'll pull out of it?" or "We all have bad days." The 'phrase nervous breakdown' seems to be on its way out, certainly deservedly so, owing to its insinuation of a vague spinelessness, but we still seem destined to be saddled with "depression" until a better, sturdier name is created." (Darkness Visible A Memoir of Madness), Styron, William. { Random House: New York} pp 37, 38

I think that we who have been and/or are depressed should begin to try to use more descriptive words for mental illness or depression.  And some tips for those who have never been depressed, please let go of the old cliches and  non-validating comments like:
"So, do you think a magic pill will help?"
"This too shall pass."
Some other ludicrous statements should also be abandoned:
"So, are you are having emotional problems?"
"It's your own fault that you are feeling this way."
"Get a hold of yourself."
"I have never been depressed a day in my life."

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You can find out more about depression and mental illness in Steve and Robyn Bloem's Broken Minds, Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You're Losing It. (c. 2005), Kregel Publications.