Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Steve and Robyn will be on blog radio, November 29 @6:30.pm EST

Hello Friends,
We are going to be on blog radio. You may say, "What is blog radio"?  I wondered the same thing when Robyn and I were invited to participate.  So I looked it up.
The service allows up to five callers at a time, although unlimited participants can listen in. Shows stream directly from the host page during live broadcasts, and are archived as podcasts. Previous shows can be streamed, downloaded directly or subscribed to as podcasts via RSS through any podcatcher like Juice or iTunes. The service also provides promotional badges and flash player code for placement on blogs, MySpace, Facebook and other Social networking sites.
I received this note from the moderator.
Michael James Lorin
Michael James Lorin1:37am Nov 26
Hi Steve, Here is the promotional link of our interview November 29th at 6:30pm EST. The guest call in line is 347-884-9858
We will be talking about mental illness and our book Broken Minds. Whether you understand it or not, please click on the link below.
Steve Bloem