Friday, May 3, 2013

Pastor Mathayo Kachili was killed in Buseresere, Tanzania, recently by radical Muslims who attacked him with machetes

As, I was sitting I glanced at my wrist band that I wear at all times. I was prompted to pray for the persecuted church. The motto on the band is bound with them. This motto is based on the Scripture found in Hebrews 13:3, which says, remember the prisoners, as though in prison with them, and those who are ill-treated, since you yourselves also are in the body (NASV).

Matthew Henry, commenting on this passage says,  Remember those that are in bonds. Here observe,  1.The duty—to remember those that are in bonds and in adversity. God often orders it so that while some Christians and churches are in adversity others enjoy peace and liberty. All are not called at the same time to resist unto blood. (2.) Those that are themselves at liberty must sympathize with those that are in bonds and adversity, as if they were bound with them.

As I paused to pray, the horrible suffering by Christians all over the world who are being persecuted came to my mind. I was remembering them. It was not just a general remembering, it was specific because I have often visited the Voice of Martyrs a web site which details the sufferings of the persecuted church  and even mentions their names. The agency, China Aid, also sends me updates on Christians suffering, especially in China.
In today's world because of technology we can put the motto on my wrist into practice more than ever. We can also send cards to those who are in prison. The above command is not an option. And it is necessary that we who are not experiencing the same intensity of suffering intercede for those who are.

VOM-USA Prayer Update for May 3, 2013
On Thu. May 02 2013 at 02:52 PM Moderator wrote:
East Africa--Pastor Murdered in Tanzani
Persecution of Christians by Muslim extremists continues to increase in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Pastor Mathayo Kachili was killed in Buseresere, Tanzania, recently by radical Muslims who attacked him with machetes. Pastor Mathayo was a husband and father of 12 children. VOM workers met with his wife, Generosa, to encourage and comfort her, and also helped provide some of her needs, including shelter, food, clothing and seed money to start a small business. Christianity is still the majority religion in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, and church growth has been remarkable in the last 20 years. But Islamists in the north have been pouring resources into East Africa to radicalize the Muslim population and drive out Christians.

Southeast Asia--New Believer Persecuted for Holding Christian Fellowship
Source: VOM Sources
Brother "Keon" and his wife have suffered intense persecution since opening their home to other Christians last Christmas, a VOM worker reports. The family accepted Jesus Christ after their son was miraculously healed from an illness. But after converting to Christianity, Brother Keon was forbidden to associate with anyone in the village. The village leaders were angry because Brother Keon received Christians into his home without asking their permission, which they would have denied. Brother Keon is now concerned about his family's safety and his own safety, as other believers have been kidnapped or have disappeared. Brother Keon and his family are standing firm in the Lord despite the dangers and remain in their village, where they feel called to minister.

Syria--International Day of Prayer and Fasting for Syrian Church
Source: VOM Source

As the situation in Syria continues to deteriorate, an estimated 7 million Syrians are in need of humanitarian assistance. Syrian Christians suffer not only from the humanitarian and political crisis but also from anti-Christian persecution in a country that is 90 percent Muslim. VOM workers and others have been notified of an International Day of Prayer and Fasting for the Syrian Church to be held on Saturday, May 11, 2013. Syrian churches from all denominations will be unified in seeking God for mercy on their country. They are asking Christians worldwide to join them by praying for divine protection of the Church in Syria.

Laos--VOM Project
Pray for 22 Khmu pastors who are being trained at underground Bible schools. These pastors will lead rural house churches throughout northern Laos.


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