Friday, April 26, 2013

Suicide; Let's bring it out in the open!

This is a continuation of a series on suicide, especially in light of the recent death of Matthew Warren, son of Pastor Rick Warren.

Suicide. It had never before entered my mind. Suicide claimed weak people, surely far weaker than I.  People who came to their wits' end and gave in to a sudden, fatal, impulse. How could a Christian ever entertain the thought, let alone be seriously tempted?  Perhaps the temptation might over take someone in an impossible home situation or someone whose business had gone sour.  Maybe a weak Christian might do it to avoid going through divorce, terminal illness, poverty, or an intensely bitter disappointment. But Christians who had  thoughts of suicide were among the weak minded, and stunted spiritually.  Suddenly the temptation to end my life and its pain assaulted my theology---driven abhorrence against murder of a being created by God in His image.
We must not be ignorant of "ignorant of Satan's devices" (2 Corinthians 2:11, KJV). One of Satan most cunning whispers was the thoughts that all the pain could be put behind me in a moment.
I Can Fix This Now 
There was a fix for all that was broken. I could have it right now. It was rest from the unrelenting pain. It was immediate. It was permanent. No more torture.

Suicide was a viable option to escape the horrible psychic pain. To live on indefinitely in this agony was the unbearable thought. Prayer did not seem to help. Christian counseling had done nothing. I had tried to "encourage myself in the Lord, my God, as David did when his army spoke of stoning him after all all their sons and daughter's and their wives were kidnapped.
My impregnable theology was bombarded by my own fears. I had no answers.  I could not be the leader I wanted to be. I was helpless. God seemed far from me. I was asked by a psychiatrist: Do you have a plan?  I thought, how could he know that I had a plan in place to kill myself? I promised him that I would call him if I were starting to act on my plan.

Are You at Risk for Suicide?
What about you who are reading this blog? Are you at risk for suicide?  If you are depressed, don't glibly dismiss the question or slide into the prevailing talking points that Christians are supposed to have on the subject. Your life and the well being of those close to you, whether you have family or not, depend on avoiding this allure of Satan.  Suicide sends a shock wave of damage much farther than you can imagine.
If you are having suicidal thoughts, and definitely if you have a plan of action, do not assume that you alone can beat this temptation. Yes, the Holy Spirit can give you  strength, but sometimes we speak of living in God's strength, when we we are relying in pride on our own. God has provided trust worthy counselors, pastors and health professionals in whom we confide.  This is not the time for how strong your faith is. You need help----- right away.
Bloem, Robyn and Steve. (2005). Broken Minds Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You're Losing It  (Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, excerpts from chapter four).

If you are suicidal and need help, you can call me at 616-427. 0775. You can also email me at  Because I am on medications that have sedative side effects, I cannot take after hours calls. But you can call a Christian Suicide Hot line--We Care About You! Call 888-667-5947 or email us--

Heartfelt Counseling Ministries has started a CAMI (Christians Afflicted with Mental Illness) support group. We have written support group material for those who have mental illness; we also have groups in various churches and recently we have started an exciting online group. All you need is a lap-top computer, which has a camera  and you can attend a group online. . Our Rush Creek Bible Church On Line Support Group is full at this time. However, we are starting a new group and gathering information from those who want to attend. Information that is especially important is what times and days are best for you. We operate on Eastern Standard Time, United States. It may be tricky but we can possibly do groups internationally but it would take some thingking on how to do it during day and night time hours. You can call us at 616.427.0775 or you can email us at  There is no charge for the groups but the material sells $ 6.00. A Leader Guide which has all the answers to the questions is $12.00.

The above material on suicide  is from the book Broken Minds Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You're Losing It.  Robyn and I wrote this book and share our story of God's grace to us, because there is help, you are not alone. You can get it on Kindle, E-Book, the Nook and of course on paperback.  It is a story of God's grace and Kregel Publications has put it on academic status.
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