Friday, November 2, 2012

VOM-USA Prayer Update for
 November 2, 2012
: Indonesia--Church Ordered to
Source: Church Ordered to Move

The Taman Yasmin Indonesian Christian Church (GKI)

 in Bogor, West Java, was recently ordered to relocate
to a neighborhood three miles from its current location.
 The church, which was forced to meet outdoors for
years because of Islamic pressure, believes it would
 face strong opposition at the new site and has
 firmly rejected the order. It has instead called
on officials to respect a 2010 Supreme Court ruling
 that reinstated the church's building permit.
 Under pressure from local Muslims, authorities
 have closed nine "illegal" churches in Banda Aceh.
 Two weeks ago, the churches' leaders were forced
to sign statements agreeing to close their church
 buildings. Authorities have warned that they will
 continue to monitor these congregations to ensure
that church activities are not resumed. Please pray
for GKI and other churches in Indonesia as they
 struggle to worship God amid severe persecution.

Iran--Church Leaders Sentenced to Prison
Sources: Mohabat News
Luke 22:33

On Oct. 15, an Assemblies of God pastor in Ahwaz,

  Iran, and three of the church's ministers were each
sentenced to one year in prison after being convicted
 of "converting to Christianity, inviting Muslims to
 convert, as well as propagating against the Islamic
 regime through promoting Evangelic Christianity."
 Pastor Farhad Sabokrouh; his wife, Shahnaz Jeizan;
 Naser Zamen Dezfuli; and Davoud Alijani received
 the maximum penalty for the charges, and they
 may appeal the ruling. Pray that God will give peace
 and strength to these pastors as well as other
 imprisoned Christians still awaiting trial.

Tanzania--Christian Guards Protect Imprisoned Teen
Source: VOM Contacts
Numbers 6:25

A Tanzanian teenager charged with desecrating a

 Quran has been blessed with the protection of tw
 Christian prison guards. A VOM contact who
 visited 17-year-old Eva Abdullah this month said
the female Christian guards promised to care for
 Eva and help keep her safe. Eva converted from
 Islam to Christianity three years ago and was
 subsequently disowned by her family. When a
 group of radicals couldn't persuade her to deny
 her faith in Christ, they falsely accused her of
desecrating a Quran. Although many Christian
 leaders were afraid to defend her, compassion
 attorneys have taken her case. Pray for the
 continued protection of Eva and her Christian guards.
 Praise God for these two guards, who are a comfort to
Eva as she awaits trial, and pray that Eva will continue
 to shine the light of Christ.

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