Monday, August 13, 2012

Pray for those who are bound, as though it were you.

VOM-USA Prayer Update for August 10, 2012
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Laos--Officials Harass Two Hmong Churches
Source: VOM Contacts
Exodus 10:27-28

Officials in Laos have threatened members of two Hmong churches with

 expulsion from their villages and seizure of their property if they don't
 stop worshiping God. But a Hmong pastor in the area is encouraging
the believers to stand firm in their faith. The church leader's own 
 church has dwindled from 10 families to only five after officials   
  revoked the Christians' residency permits in 2008.
Without the permits, the Christians can't prove their Lao citizenship
 and their children can't attend school. When the pastor
heard that a nearby church was facing similar threats, he immediately
 went to encourage the church members; other pastors had
stayed away out of fear. The Christians are very sad and
worried, and they aren't sure what will happen next
. Pray for the members of these two churches and for the pastor
who is encouraging them. Pray also that the officials'
 hearts will be softened toward God's people.

Syria--Prayers and Bread Needed
Source: VOM Contacts

Psalm 69

A Syrian pastor wrote to tell us how encouraged he was to learn

 that many people are praying for Syria. He said his city stil
l has electricity and water despite the continued fighting there
. "The city is still closed, and hills of rubbish are spread
everywhere," he wrote. "As for bakeries, few are open, but
hundreds of people are waiting their turn and fighting for
 bread." It takes between five and 10 hours to get bread.
The pastor wrote that one of his church members gave
 him several loaves as a gift. "You can imagine the gifts
 we are giving each other these days!" he wrote. His
church has been meeting regularly, spending the
entire service in prayer. "One of the very tragic situations
 is seeing people with some of their stuff on the sidewalks                                                   ... wondering what to do or where to go because they lost their
 houses or ran away because of the fights," he wrote
 "Please keep praying for us."

Pakistan--Christian Nurses Poisoned for Allegedly Breaking Fast
Sources: VOM Contacts, Hindustan Times, Pakistan Today,

Matthew 9:35-36

Eleven nurses were poisoned on Sunday, July 29, apparently for

 breaking the Ramadan fast. At least five of the nurses were reported
 to be in serious condition. Local Christians said the nurses were
 poisoned for drinking tea during the month of Ramadan, which
 Muslims set aside for fasting. The eleven trainee nurses,
  who live together at a hostel near the Civil Hospital in Karachi,
  were studying on the evening of July 29, when one of the
 women decided to make tea for the group in a common kitchen.
 After drinking the tea, all of them began to vomit and were
 rushed to the emergency room. According to VOM contacts, 
someone had been observing the nurses for the previous
 four days and poisoned them for breaking the Ramadan fast.
Christian leaders in Pakistan are calling for a full investigation, 
while several hospital officials have denied that the poisonings
 could have anything to do with Ramadan.

Middle East--VOM Project

Pray for an imprisoned house church leader in one of the world's most restricted countries. VOM is helping provide him medical aid in prison.