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Rowland Taylor (sometimes spelled "Tayler")[1] (October 6, 1510 – February 9, 1555) was an English Protestant martyr during the Marian Persecutions.
At the time of his death he was Rector of a small parish in a market town, Hadleigh (also spelled Hadley), in Suffolk. His sentence was execution by burning at the stake, the common method for dealing with heretics in the 16th

Taylor's final words
As Dr. Taylor neared the day of his execution he spoke these words on February 7, 1555 (probably) Taylor was taken back to his own place of Rectory - Hadleigh - where his wife awaited him in the early morning hours at St. Botolph's churchyard. They exchanged a few last brief words and Margaret promised to be present for his burning in a couple days. That same day Taylor was handed over to the Sheriff of Essex at Chelmsford. Before he was handed over he spoke these words to his family:
"I say to my wife, and to my children, The Lord gave you unto me, and the Lord hath taken me from you, and you from me: blessed be the name of the Lord! I believe that they are blessed which die in the Lord. God careth for sparrows, and for the hairs of our heads. I have ever found Him more faithful and favorable, than is any father or husband. Trust ye therefore in Him by the means of our dear Savior Christ's merits: believe, love, fear, and obey Him: pray to Him, for He hath promised to help. Count me not dead, for I shall certainly live, and never die. I go before, and you shall follow after, to our long home."
Following Rogers on the February 4, and Saunders on the 8th, Taylor became Mary's third Protestant to be burned at the stake. His execution took place on February 9, 1555, at Aldham Common just outside Hadleigh. His wife, two daughters, and his son Thomas, were present that day.
His final words to his son Thomas as reported by Foxe:
"Almighty God bless thee, and give you his Holy Spirit, to be a true servant of Christ, to learn his word, and constantly to stand by his truth all the life long. And my son, see that thou fear God always. Fly from all sin and wicked living. Be virtuous, serve God daily with prayer, and apply thy boke. In anywise see thou be obedient to thy mother, love her, and serve her. Be ruled by her now in thy youth, and follow her good counsel in all things. Beware of lewd company of young men, that fear not God, but followeth their lewd lusts and vain appetites. Flee from whoredom, and hate all filthy lying, remembering that I they father do die in the defense of holy marriage. And another day when God shall bless thee, love and cherish the poor people, and count that thy chief riches to be rich in alms. And when thy mother is waxed old, forsake her not, but provide for her to thy power, and see that she lacks nothing. For so will God bless thee, give thee long life upon earth, and prosperity, which I pray God to grant thee."
A local butcher was ordered to set a torch to the wood but resisted. A couple of bystanders finally threw a lighted faggot on to the wood. A sympathetic guard named Warwick struck Dr. Taylor over the head with a halbard, which apparently killed him instantly. The fire consumed his body shortly thereafter. That same day John Hooper was burned at the stake in Gloucester.

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VOM-USA Prayer Update for May 25, 2012
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Iran--Government Tracks Christians
Source: Mohabat News

Acts 12:24

The Ministry of Intelligence has ordered the leaders of a Christian church in Tehran to submit the names and national identification numbers of its members to authorities. Viewed as an attempt to deter Christians from attending church, the order will reveal the identity of Christian converts and enable security authorities to record detailed information about Christians. Although this most recent restriction will make church attendance riskier, previous restrictions have failed to decrease the rate of Christian conversions. Last February, the Ministry of Intelligence banned Farsi services at the only two churches holding Farsi services on Friday, when most people are off work. Pray that this most recent restriction will fail to hinder the spread of the gospel in Iran.

Laos--Mother Expels Children from Home
Source: VOM Contacts

Luke 21:16

An 18-year-old boy and 20-year-old girl have been expelled from their home because of their Christian faith. When their mother became extremely ill, village elders claimed that the spirits were displeased because the two Christian children were living in the house. An older son tried to persuade his brother and sister to recant their faith, but they refused. Their mother then accused them of hating their older brother and wishing him dead. She threw their belongings out of the house and told them to leave. The two Christians immediately moved to a Christian village where they originally heard the gospel, and they were welcomed with open arms. Pray for these two brave Christians as they begin a new life away from their family.

Indonesia--Churches Forced to Close
Source: Compass Direct News

Psalm 9:10

Seventeen churches were forced to close in early May after the election of a hard-line Islamic governor in Indonesia’s Aceh Province. The churches were closed under a controversial agreement that Christians signed in 2001, stating that only one church and four chapels would be allowed. Because building permits have been routinely denied or delayed, many Christians worship in houses and other buildings. There are reportedly 12,000 Christians living in this area. Pray for continued growth despite the number of churches being closed.

North Africa
VOM Project

Pray for the printing and distribution of 2,000 copies of the Bible in one of the main languages of people in a severely restricted area.

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