Sunday, May 13, 2012

Heartfelt Speaking Engagements

1.  Whispers in the Foyer An Honest look at the Christian and Mental Illness

This popular seminar has a proven track record with local churches. Steve and Robyn team up and tell their story of Steve's depression and Robyn's helping him through it.
Vital subjects are discussed some of which are: (1) What are the basic mental illnesses? (2) How does mental illness relate or not relate to demon possession, moral failures and other differential diagnoses? (3) How to help the mentally ill link to appropriate services.

Biblical cases of depression are chronicled and brief introductions to a biblical and pastoral theology of mental illness are explained. We also discuss the stigma of mental illness, what it is, why it’s still around and how to combat it. We also discuss suicide prevention.
Cost is $60.00 per person. This includes a free copy of Broken Minds, Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You're Losing It and power point presentation notes. This seminar is usually done on a Saturday from 9-4 pm. However, it can be divided into two days where most of its attendees are local.


If you would like to purchase Broken Minds Hope for Healing When You Feel Like You're Losing It
please e mail me at or call 616.427.0775


2.  Grief Share –

Lindsay Bloem Hoover

My wife, Robyn, and I founded Heartfelt Ministries after our daughter Lindsay Ruth, who was eight months pregnant with our first grandchild, was hit head-on by a man on heroin, cocaine and cannabis. She and her child were both killed instantly. This accident occurred on Sept. 11, 2001, as we and two of our children were behind her returning from a prayer vigil for our nation and the families affected by the terrorist attacks. Robyn and I share our story of what we have learned from the death of our daughter Lindsay Ruth. 
We are Christians and have decided to write a book about God's ministry to us in our deep sorrow.

We feel a certain responsibility to share our story of grace with others who are grieving. We talk about suffering and glory themes in the Bible, the recovery process and the difference between grief and mental illness.
Time- Anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half..


3. Marriage Recovery

Steve and Robyn Bloem

This seminar is a tested one that is written especially for substance abuse addicts and their spouses. This seminar talks about the biblical roles of husbands and wives, while at the same time tailoring the material to the dysfunctional system that exists because of substance abuse in the home. It deals with biblical literature that has marriage and family as its subject.
Scriptures from Ephesians, Proverbs and Song of Solomon are some of the passages which are foundational to marriage. A special section is dual diagnosis and they way if affects a family.
Time: Normally it is a one day seminar of about six hours. This includes many opportunities for interaction, questions and breaks. This can be expanded or shortened in length per your needs or preferences. Our board has established a recommended donation of $40.00 per person.

4.  Dual Diagnosis and the addict.

This has been taught to CAP classes and also to those who have substance abuse and a mental
Illness diagnoses. Differential Diagnosis is explained and applied to Biblical passages.
Length, usually two to three hours.

4. Why is Daddy Crying: Meeting the Challenges of Loving a Person With Mental Illness?

This talk is geared to the caregiver, spouses of the consumer, peer support staff, or the sufferer himself. It usually lasts three hours. We encourage the caregivers to understand what mental illness is and we provide a biblical perspective on mental illness. We also help the caregivers to understand the importance of the episodic nature of mental illness and how to have a crisis stabilization plan already set in place. This will also demonstrate how to validate the suffering that care givers go through and teach them to effectively access the social network of those who treat mental illness.

We would love to speak with your further about the ministry of Heartfelt, its programs or any aspect that we may have missed. We thank you for the opportunity to discuss these very important matters
of ministry with you. We have never turned anyone away because of lack of finances. Sometimes a church will pay for those who need financial assistance or a portion of it. Church and group discounts are available for five people or more. We are in God's ministry and we will gladly work with you, although our Board of Directors is urging us to be more diligent in charging for our services.
These presentations can be given in your church or place of ministry,
Call 616.427.0775 or email

God bless you today.



Steve and Robyn Bloem